Starmer and BoJo level on who’d make most capable PM –

In what is the first time Starmer has been level in any poll when compared with Johnson the two are level pegging on who would make the most capable PM. The change is more down to Johnson’s ratings dropping sharply than Starmer’s moving up.

In the telephone poll, which was carried out in the six days until Friday t,the firm found LAB to be just 3% behind compared with 11% in their last Political Monitor in early August.

Also in the poll 39% are satisfied with the job Johnson is doing as PM (down 2 points from August) and 51% are dissatisfied (down 1 point). Overall, 25% are satisfied with the job Starmer is doing as Labour leader (down 2 points from August) and 50% are dissatisfied (down 3 points). 40% of Labour supporters are satisfied with Starmer but 43% are dissatisfied.

To other questions

  • 39% say they ‘like Boris Johnson’ (down 7 points from March ‘21) with 41% saying they ‘like Keir Starmer’ (down 3 points),
  • Meanwhile 45% say they ‘like the Labour Party’ (unchanged) whereas just 36% say they ‘like the Conservative Party’ (down 5 points from March ’21).

It is important to note the fieldwork dates which are spread over six days because it is a phone survey.

Mike Smithson

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