Some do not develop antibodies after COVID vaccine: Egyptian health official – Egypt Independent

A member of the the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus at Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population, Mohamed al-Nady, explained on Tuesday that the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccine varies according to each citizen.

During a phone interview with DMC channel, Nady said that vaccines give antibodies for a period of six months, some gives nine months of immunity, and up to a year.

Nady noted that it is possible for a citizen to get a vaccine and not develop antibodies, but added it is not recommended to do tests for antibodies in the body after receiving the vaccine.

He explained that international organizations do not recommend conducting further analysis and called for citizens not to be crowed the laboratories to check.

Egypt has provided many vaccines either through the VACSERA factories or imported vaccines.

There are 512 vaccination centers for citizens in addition to vaccination centers for travelers, he added, as well as thousands of medical mobile teams and convoys that target citizens in different gathering places.

Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population on Tuesday reported 718 new coronavirus cases, 39 deaths, and 599 recoveries.

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