Sharon Stone Has The Best/Worst Botox Story I’ve Ever Heard

As one of the most beautiful women in the world, Sharon Stone is keenly aware of how society’s war on aging can wear a person down. Fortunately, as a veteran of the Botox Era, she also knows just what it takes to embrace your beauty as you get older. And she explained it with what is simultaneously the best and the worst story about the product I’ve heard: She ended a relationship over Botox.

“I feel like women become invisible once we become moms and you’re 45 and people walk by you like you’re not there,” Stone told Vogue Arabia during a recent conversation. “Life doesn’t always make you feel like a winner as you grow older.” Sad but true. Now, onto the sad but triumphant: her dating story.

“There were periods in the super fame when I got Botox and filler and stuff, and then I had this massive stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage and I had to have over 300 shots of Botox and filler to make the one side of my face come up again,” she revealed, adding that the experience changed Botox from a “cute luxury to some kind of massive, painful neurological need.” After that, she quit the sauce.

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