Ruxton Pack, Hands-free Tablet Chestpack, reviewed

We look at this rugged and durable piece of kit. The Ruxton pack is a Hands-free Tablet Chestpack, you can see more about the product on their website here.

Ruxton Pack, Hands-free Tablet Chestpack, reviewed

This product is tough, well put together and it has been thought through in terms of the usecases that it is aiming to solve. The company seems focussed and targeted in what they are trying to achieve, and their demo videos are also pretty good too. In the one we have included below it does a good job of walking through when you might use it, how it can be helpful, and how to apply it and put it on.

This is a company whose products we have not reviewed before, but they seem to be doing a lot of things well, and have a good customer service department, which is always a winner when it comes to dealing with anybody. We liked this product, it performs well, and, if you have to hike to remote places, and then still pull out a tablet, then products like this make sense, and also help to contribute to the increased longevity of your devices. Well worth checking out.

More details about the Ruxton Chest Packs

The Ruxton Chest Packs are designed for field users of tablet computers. All three sizes of the Ruxton pack are sold attached to the Comox Harness. With the sides of the pack unzipped, the front folds down to support the tablet in portrait or landscape. This system provides users with a secure, comfortable, and ergonomic way to fully utilize the capabilities of their tablet computer. Users can customize the pack by changing the front to add pockets and/or high visibility orange front covers. Adding a variety of pouches and holsters to the Comox Harness further enhances the versatility of the system.

Features Ruxton Pack

Protects the tablet computer with a padded main compartment.
Unzip the sides of the pack to fold down the front and support the tablet
in portrait or landscape for viewing and data entry.

Uses the patented Fidlock® magnetic- assisted buckles to secure the tablet to the chest pack and quickly release the tablet from the pack as necessary.

The Fidlock® buckle is secured to the back of most tablets with hook and
loop fabric – alternatives are available.

Highly durable nylon fabric.

Removable front covers allow users to change the colour from black to
orange and/or add pockets.

Available in three sizes to accommodate tablets with up to 13- inch screens.

Comox Harness

Fits almost any user – from 5’ to 6’6” (152 to 198 cm) tall.
Uses tough plastic staves to secure the Ruxton Pack and other available
accessories. Weave the staves between alternating rows of webbing
on the Comox Harness and compatible accessories.
Eliminate loose webbing ends with hook and loop webbing keepers.

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