Rebel without a cause? Russian woman allegedly tried to bribe cops to pretend husband was political activist to get new life in US

One Russian woman’s dreams of a change of scene have landed her in hot water with authorities after she reportedly offered an under-the-table payment to police officers in an effort to have her husband charged with serious crimes.

Investigators in the Russian city of Bryansk claimed on Friday that the suspect had offered over 30,000 rubles (around $412) to an investigator, in hope that the money could be used to convince the official to fabricate documents suggesting her husband was being investigated. The fictional charges were supposed to relate to efforts to undermine the country’s constitution, an accusation intended to criminalize the violent overthrow of the government.

The woman’s aim was purportedly to apply for political asylum in the US using the forged documents. A number of Russian activists have faced similar charges for helping to organize unauthorized protests earlier this year in support of jailed opposition activist Alexey Navalny.

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Earlier this week, Russian prosecutors announced they were opening a file on two of the campaigner’s high-profile associates – now living abroad – for reportedly founding a series of organizations “to carry out extremist activities aimed at changing the foundations of the constitutional system in Russia, undermining public security and state integrity.”

After allegedly trying to hand over the money early this week, the officer that she is said to have tried to bribe gave her up to authorities and she was arrested. The woman has reportedly admitted her intentions to investigators, revealing she had hoped to start a new life as a US citizen.

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The wannabe political dissident masterminding her exit could now face eight years behind bars, or a fine of up to 30 times the amount offered in the bribe – around 900,000 rubles ($12,350).

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