Rave Reviews for ArriveCAN

The Canadian government’s ArriveCAN app is collecting a historic number of highly favourable reviews in the app stores.

This is odd, because in the normal course of things, not that many people would have used it. And the reviews posted online on the web seem generally negative.

It is surely clear that the Canadian government is paying someone to post positive reviews. Either bots, or some large group of people. This is a trick the Chinese government has perfected: they have a “ten cent army” of reviewers they pay to post positive and negative reviews online. Indeed, given the volume of favourable reviews and the likely expense, it seems a reasonable guess that the Canadian government has cut a deal with the CCP to use their ten cent army for this.

And this fits a pattern.

The current Canadian governmet is pushing the ArriveCan app very hard. According to one of the main organizers at the time, it was the requirement to use the app, more than the requirement to get vaccinated in itself, that sparked the trucker protests back in February. They realized it was being used to identify them before they approached the border. In other words, it allows the government to track us at all times.

The tourism industry and border city governments have been complaining loudly of how it is destroying their business. Tourism is a huge industry, and one that causes relatively little harm to the environment. One would expect that promoting it would be a government priority.

Yet despite this, despite the fact that other countries have ended border restrictions, and despite the fact that the pandemic has subsided, the federal government has not backed down, but has doubled down. They are promoting ArriveCan as something permanent. And we see they are pushing the app aggressively, by fair means or foul.

Surely this has to be a plan to impose a Chinese “social credit” system on the Canadian population. China can track its citizens through their phones, and know where they are, whom they are talking to, and what they are purchasing. In case of need, they can shut down their phones, freeze their bank accounts, and grab them off the street.

Unthinkable in Canada? This is just what the Canadian government did in response to the Freedom Convoy protests. It was a trial run. With this system, soon, as in China, organized opposition to government will no longer be possible.

Pair this up with a shift to Dominion voting machines, apparently happening now in Canada, just as their reliability has been credibly thrown into question in the US, and no Canadian government need ever worry about the people again. No Canadian government—but from then on, there would be no alternation of Canadian governments, either, would there?

Really, as paranoid as this sounds, what other explanation can there be?

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