Rachel Maddow Burns Trump To The Ground After Biden Gets The Leader Of al-Qaeda

Rachel Maddow answered Donald Trump’s claim that nobody has gotten to the bottom of 9/11 by pointing to Biden taking out the leader of al-Qaeda.


Maddow said, “Astonishingly the leader of the Republican Party, the party’s last president, and their likely next presidential nominee said just this weekend that, quote, nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11. Literally said that this weekend. Nobody’s gotten to the bottom of 9/11. What was that all about? Well, it took 20 years and ten months, but actually, somebody definitively has gotten to the bottom of 9/11. Ayman al-Zawahiri killed yesterday at the age of 71 with the blood of thousands and thousands of innocent people on his hands.”

As Biden was taking out the leader of al-Qaeda, Trump was trying to cast doubt on the Saudi role in 9/11 while lining his pockets with Saudi cash. Biden has definitely gotten to the bottom of 9/11. He was in the White House when both of the leaders of al-Qaeda were killed.

Rachel Maddow torched Trump for trying to be a 9/11 truther at the same time as Biden was putting one of the masterminds of the worst terrorist attack on US domestic soil in the nation’s history six feet under.

The weakness of Trump in comparison to the strength of Biden has never been more apparent.

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