Proactive maintenance of compressor systems

In an article for Oil Review Middle East, Rajesh Fotedar, product manager for Oil-free Industrial Compressors at CompAir, discusses why a proactive maintenance model – enabled by the IIOT – can deliver enhanced efficiencies and reduce risks for compressed air systems

Proactive maintenance can deliver enhanced efficiencies and reduced risks. (Image source: Ingersoll Rand)

With industry averages suggesting energy costs account for more than 80% of the total cost of ownership of a compressor, any initiatives that can help companies identify inefficiencies and assist with performance optimisation, leak reduction and practical air management processes should be welcomed. The IIOT is without doubt the greatest opportunity available today to help businesses work smarter.

Data analytics can help operators to understand how efficiently a compressor is running, and whether any improvements can be made. These insights will not only help highlight any potential issues, now, but also enable operators to forecast any potential future problems too, based on deteriorating machine performance. Predictive maintenance models based on real-time data can then be established to help reduce energy consumption, improve process efficiencies and mitigate any potential risks. 

However, for a proactive maintenance model to realise its full potential, the right information must be provided at the right time. Proactive maintenance requires a proper plan of action and correctly defined interfaces. 

The article goes on to discuss strategies for implementing a proactive maintenance model, and the benefits it will bring. 

Read the full article on p32 of the latest edition of Oil Review Middle East

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