Pincher has the whip removed as pressure mounts for him to resign his seat | Conservative Home

Chris Pincher, who yesterday resigned from his position as Deputy Chief Whip after allegations he drunkenly groped two men at the Carlton Club, has now had the whip removed. This raises obvious speculation about the possible future charges, and the potential for a by-election in any event. Pincher has been replaced as Chris Heaton-Harris’ Deputy by Kelly Tolhurst. Pincher’s constituency of Tamworth has a majority of over 19,000. After last week’s defeat in Tiverton and Honiton, that cannot be considered safe.

One may argue about where on the order of magnitude watching pornography in the Commons chamber and allegedly groping two men lie, but many would say the latter is clearly the worse offence. And it is possible if not probable that further allegations will follow in due course over the weekend.  That Pincher was a key figure in efforts to shore up Boris Johnson’s position in January makes the delayed decision to remove the whip all the more noteworthy – and indicative of the pressures now mounting on the Prime Minister.

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