Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons have yet to reach a mutual agreement | TGQ INC. – We Sell Mindset, Not Products

What Does It Cost For Simmons?

Simmons has four years remaining on his existing contract worth $146 million. Ultimately, if Simmons continues to hold out, he can not only diminish his stock value for a potential trade but can face several financial implications. According to the collective bargaining agreement, a player who fails to render services would be suspended and could be fined a portion of their salary each day he doesn’t show up. Simmons could lose up to $227,613 for each practice and game missed. If the Sixers suspend Simmons, it can backfire on the organization if they still wish to trade Simmons, whose trade value would be diminished. It will interesting to see what approach the Sixers will take moving forward. As for Simmons, the 25-year-old three-time all-star has a decision to make to resurrect his career.

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