Perfectly acceptable and yet….. | Tim Worstall

Perfectly acceptable, of course. And yet:

A team of investigators claim to have unmasked a deep-cover spy from Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU, who spent a decade posing as a Latin American jewellery designer and partied with Nato staff based in Naples.

The investigators say the woman went by the name of Maria Adela Kuhfeldt Rivera, and told people she met that she was the child of a German father and Peruvian mother, born in the city of Callao, Peru.

In fact, she was a career GRU officer from Russia, according to research by Bellingcat in partnership with a number of media outlets including La Repubblica in Italy and Der Spiegel in Germany, and shared with the Guardian before publication.

Much allegation of honey traps and all that. Thing is, that’s exactly the area I spent a couple of years in. The Lions Club she was secretary of was 3, maybe 4 km from our house. The actual village we’re talking about is Arco Felice. Where Sophia Loren comes from. A place where I’ve walked down the street and seen a dead ringer but 60 years younger – perhaps those genes coming out in a great great niece or summat.

Our spy here is a perfectly acceptable looking bird – but by the local standards for a Latin beauty she’s no great shakes. I’ve also spent years living in Moscow and she’d not win talent contests there either by the different local standards.

Thing is, if this is what the GRU are using to try and run honey traps maybe the GRU isn’t quite as omniscient as some think?

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