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I am really into the idea of approaching skincare from both the inside and what I put on my skin, especially as I just turned 48. I have been testing out the Perfectil Platinum Radiance supplements for the last couple of months. Here’s how I have been getting on.

What is Perfectil Platinum Radiance?

Perfectil Platinum Radiance Skin Time Defy
Perfectil Platinum Radiance
  • An advanced cell renewal formula
  • Benefits are delivered in the bloodstream to work from within
  • Provides optimum nutritional support for skin
  • Unique formula combines Bio-marine collagen and botanical extracts plus specially selected micronutrients
  • The supplements are designed to form part of your regular beauty routine to help support the skin’s radiance
  • Perfectil Platinum Radiance specialist formula provides a cross-section of vitamins and minerals and acts as a comprehensive multivitamin, eliminating the need for separate supplements
  • Formula has been successfully tested in a high level study research, at one of France’s leading institutes and Perfectil has been awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation
  • No artificial colours or preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Not tested on animals
  • Bio-Marine Collagen is Halal

What are the benefits of Perfectil Platinum Radiance?

Perfectil Platinum Radiance Skin Time Defy Benefits
Perfectil Platinum Radiance Benefits

Here are a few things you might find interesting when it comes to looking after your skin, hair and nails from the inside. The Platinum Radiance formulation contains a blend that address all of these skin, hair and nail needs.

Skin Function & Collagen Formation

  • Vitamin C contributes to collagen formation to maintain the normal function of skin
  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), Niacin (Vitamin B3), and Biotin contribute to the maintenance of normal skin

Protecting the Skin from Environmental Aggressors

  • The most significant cause of premature skin ageing is the generation of free radicals caused by sunlight (UV radiation) as well as pollution
  • Vitamins E, C and riboflavin (Vitamin B2) contribute to the protection of cells from oxidative stress and free radical damage
  • Vitamins D and B12, folic acid plus Iron, Magnesium & Zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal cell division (the process of making new cells)

Nail & Hair support

  • Selenium and zinc contribute to the maintenance of normal nails
  • Biotin is key for maintaining hair
  • Copper contributes to normal hair pigmentation

How to take Perfectil Platinum Radiance

This is such an easy supplement to incorporate into your daily routine because it’s a once a day affair.

How to Take Perfectil Platinum Radiance Skin Time Defy
How to Take Perfectil Platinum Radiance

You just need to take two capsules every day with your main meal, and you are done. As Perfectil Platinum Radiance is a comprehensive multi-vitamin formula, there is no need to take an additional multivitamin.

My Review of Perfectil Platinum Radiance

Perfectil Platinum Radiance Skin Time Defy
Perfectil Platinum Radiance

I was really keen to test out these supplements because when I first came across them, I shared them in a story on my Instagram and quite a few people I knew were already fans.

I actually asked my community on Instagram if they took any beauty supplements and I received a message from someone saying that they took Perfectil Platinum Radiance.

She basically said that whenever she accidentally stopped taking them, she realised how effective they are. I always think that’s such a good indicator on product performance.

Instagram message from Perfectil Platinum Radiance user
Instagram message from Perfectil Platinum Radiance user

I have been taking two capsules of the Perfectil Platinum Radiance once a day for six weeks now and, as I said, it’s such an easy addition to my beauty routine. Especially as it’s already a multi-vitamin so I don’t need to worry about taking anything else.

I usually have them every evening with my dinner, but I carry a sheet around in my handbag in case I need to take them when I am on the go. They are pretty easy to take, and don’t give me any after-taste unlike some supplements I have taken.

After six weeks, I am noticing a nice smoothness to my skin, even in areas like my elbows and knees which, as a fake tan addict, can feel a little dry at the best of times.

Perfectil Platinum Radiance Skin Time Defy Results for Body
Perfectil Platinum Radiance Results for Body

Also, another area of improvement I am starting to notice is my neck area which tends to get a bit dehydrated and crepey. The skin on my neck feels smoother and firmer to the touch, and I am noticing a bit less ‘sag’ in the mirror.

In terms of the skin on my face, it is feeling less dehydrated. Even though I have normal to oily skin, it still can show signs of dehydration, and I feel like Perfectil Platinum Radiance is really helping with this.

Perfectil Platinum Radiance Skin Time Defy Results for skin and hair
Perfectil Platinum Radiance Results for skin and hair

My hair is feeling strong and the collagen within the Perfectil Platinum Radiance is amazing for keeping hair healthy. My nails are always my weak spot. It’s like they were last in the queue when my keratin was handed out!

However I have been giving them a bit of a break from polish and gel, and I think taking these supplements is starting to improve how strong they are as they are not breaking even without coats of gel on them.

I am really pleased with the results I’ve seen after just 6 weeks and will continue to include these supplements in my daily beauty routine.

Also, funnily enough, Archie my dog is a supplement fan too! I give him the Vitabiotics Superdog for Joints and Bones (he has a bad knee) and he loves them. He actually thinks they are treats and he definitely hops less when he has them consistently.

How long does it take to see results from Perfectil Platinum Radiance?

Everyone is different so some people will see results faster than others. I started seeing improvements after 4 weeks and these have magnified the longer I have taken them. You will need to take them consistently to achieve optimum results and most people will notice improvements in one to three months.

How long can I take Perfectil Platinum Radiance for?

There is no maximum length of time over which Perfectil may be used.

Do I need to worry about any side effects?

I haven’t noticed any negative side effects from taking the Platinum Radiance. There’s no after taste at all, and everything else seems normal.

What is the best time to take Perfectil Platinum Radiance?

You can pretty much take this any time of day with food, as long as it’s the equivalent of a main meal. I tend to have mine at dinner time, although I keep a sheet in my handbag if I am out for lunch and planning a lighter dinner.

Where to buy Perfectil Platinum Radiance

The supplements are RRP£23.95 for 30 tablet and £40.35 for 60 tablets from Reward Points and Value subscriptions are available. You can also pick them up from places like Boots.


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