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This leadership election. At best, a damp squib. At worst, self-destructive. Either way, not up to the challenge. Why ConservativeHome isn’t endorsing a leadership candidate yet. (If we do at all.)

Paul Goodman

“The contrast between these blithe campaigns and this appalling landscape is unnerving, and raises profound questions about politicians and truth.”

Notes from a poor island: last night’s debate was a striking reminder of what decline looks like

Henry Hill

“A failing health service, people unable to afford meat…and neither candidate seemed prepared for a bold break from the status quo.”

The Privileges Committee and Johnson. If it wants to expel him from the Commons, it should be careful what it wishes for. 

William Atkinson

“To the MPs involved, I misquote Obi-Wan Kenobi: strike Johnson down, and he will become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

Interview. Truss. “The number one problem in this country, which everyone is feeling in their pockets, is a lack of economic growth.”

Andrew Gimson and William Atkinson

“She explains why she changed her mind on Brexit, confirms she would change the Bank of England’s mandate, and says she would be happy to find a place for Sunak in her team.”

Interview. Sunak. “I genuinely think saddling our children with debts that we didn’t have the courage to deal with ourselves isn’t right.” 

Andrew Gimson and William Atkinson

“The Conservative Party should in future negotiate with the broadcasters so leadership contenders are not “writing Labour’s next leaflets.””

Winter is coming, and Putin shall use Europe’s reliance on Russian gas to break the West’s resolve

Stephen Booth  

“Due to the legacy of strategic miscalculations under Angela Merkel, Germany is among those countries that be worst affected by a Russian gas shutdown.”

What Truss’s pre-government writing can tell us about her approach to government 

Ryan Bourne

“The key takeaway is that she has long thought there was insufficient focus on growth – and that good policy can deliver it.”

Tory members must vote for the leader who can win the next general election

Anthony Browne MP

“All the differences between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss pale in comparison to the gulf between our party and Labour.”

Truss is offering the break from orthodoxy that Britain needs

Sir John Redwood MP

“By contrast, Rishi Sunak is the perfectly-dressed, well-presented embodiment of Treasury and establishment caution.”

The Tories are wildly out of touch on housing 

Georgia L. Gilholy

“Covid aside, if one single issue proves the ineffectiveness of the Johnson administration, it is housing.”

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