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Oh, what a wonderful leadership election!

Andrew Gimson

“In order to discover what the nation needs, it is necessary to have an argument, or indeed many arguments. Some of these are occurring during the leadership contest.”

Legislating to target problem cases is a much better legal reform plan than the ‘Bill of Rights’

Henry Hill

“Such a granular approach is much more likely to deliver the goods, over the long term, than shouty, sloppy, big-bang reforms made with an eye on the headlines.”

Bill boycotts. Blackouts. Decline. This winter, our next Prime Minister faces a nightmare.

William Atkinson

“The problem for them both is that neither really understands what the public are demanding. Truss wants to do too little; Sunak wants to act too slowly.”

How ministers can deliver a much-needed overhaul of British regulation

Stephen Booth

“Having “taken back control” of regulation from the EU, the powers of arm’s length regulators are set to increase.”

Lamé duck – how Khan’s £85,000-a-year ‘Nightlife Tsar’ is letting London down

Luke Black

“Over her tenure, the number of nightclub venues has fallen every year, breaking the record for the fewest number of venues every time.”

The abuse of human rights, the long tail of Blairism, the corrosive role of Strasbourg – and what we’ll do about it

Suella Braverman MP

“No matter what side of the debate one takes on the scope of fundamental rights, and what the law ought to be, the primary and legitimate vehicle to resolve disagreement is Parliament.”

Truss’s proposals do not do anything for hardworking families and pensioners. Sunak’s do.

Ben Houchen

“So much has been achieved for the North East in recent years. Sunak will build on that and make sure that our priorities are delivered and our voices are heard.”

Truss will deliver for the West Midlands. That is why she has my backing.

Andy Street

“I believe she is now committed to building on what we have already achieved here, delivering for the West Midlands, the Conservative party and the nation.”

The first step towards an effective drug policy is accepting that recreational users exist

Henry Hill

“But alas, we are not yet in a place where even the candidate trying to make telling hard truths his thing can admit any of this.”

Universities. Both Truss and Sunak have suggested reforms. But neither of the candidates’ proposals will solve higher education’s multiplying problems.

William Atkinson

“But we can at least imagine what a Conservative university dream-world would look like: far fewer universities, and far more technical colleges – or revived polytechnics.”

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