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There is always a controversy running between the topic Oats vs Dalia and which one is better for our health. Both oats and Dalia are generally consumed by us as breakfast foods and are considered great for our health. Some consider oats as a healthier option while some prefer Dalia over oats. In this busy world, we generally don’t have time to plan our proper breakfast and meals, as a result, both oats and Dalia have been the most preferred options as breakfast food since both possess great health benefits and are easy to prepare. 

In this article we will be looking at the various health benefits and side effects of Oats and Dalia and also will be comparing both to find out which one is the better one between Oats and Dalia. So, let’s begin. 


Oats are the most preferred breakfast in India right now and are extremely nutritive and possess several health benefits. It is derived from the plant Avena sativa


Oats are extremely nutritious if consumed as breakfast food or a meal. Oats are packed up with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidant plant compounds. The vitamins and minerals present in oats are as follows.

  • Manganese
  • Phosphorous
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Vitamin B

100g of oats contains the following nutritive value

Nutrients Amount
Fiber 10.6g
Protein 12g
Fat 6g
Carbohydrates 66.3g
Energy 360Kcal
Sugar 0g

Health benefits of oats

  1. Oats are considered great for your heart as it is rich in antioxidants and prevents the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. Oats are also rich in beta-glucan which reduces cholesterol circulation in the blood.
  2. Oats are great sources of carbohydrates and fiber.
  3. Being high in fiber oats help in providing relief for people with constipation.
  4. Oats also helps in curing asthma and also helps in lowering blood pressure levels.
  5. Oats are also eaten as a breakfast for people who are on their weight loss journey.
  6. Oats are rich in zinc and selenium and help in boosting your immunity.
  7. Oats help in maintaining blood sugar levels.
  8. They are also used to make facial scrubs.

Side effects

The side effects of oats are very rare and are witnessed under specific circumstances. The side effects of eating oats are as follows 

  • Improper chewing of oats may lead to blockage of intestines
  • Sometimes daily consumption of oats may lead to infections in the esophagus, intestines, and stomach
  • Elder people may face some problems while chewing oats


Dalia is made from broken wheat and is another breakfast food packed up with high nutritive values. It is very famous in India and is mainly prepared from wheat and cooked in hot milk till it becomes creamy in nature. Yes, indeed the preparation procedure is complex compared to that of oats, but the health benefits are worth it. 


Dalia is rich in nutrients, Vitamin B, protein, and fiber. It can be consumed by people of all ages. The vitamins and minerals present in Dalia are as follows.

  • Thiamin
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorous
  • Niacin
  • Folate
  • Riboflavin

100g of Dalia consists of the following nutritional value.

Nutrients Amount
Protein 11.8g
Fat 1.55g
Fiber 11.9g
Energy 350Kcal

Health benefits of Dalia

  1. Dalia is rich in fiber and helps in the treatment of constipation.
  2. Dalia is great for diabetic patients as it has a low glycemic index and consists of complex carbohydrates.
  3. Dalia is recommended by nutritionists for people with weight loss goals.
  4. Dalia is also considered great for people with muscle-building goals.
  5. You can have dalia anytime, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  6. Dalia has a very low-fat content.
  7. Studies prove that consuming dalia regularly can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer among women.

Side effects

  • Too much consumption of dalia can lead to gastritis, bloating and acidity. 
  • Too much consumption of Dalia on a regular basis can also lead to vomiting and stomach problems.

Oats vs Dalia – The comparison

The comparison between Desi Dalia and Videshi Oats has been in the trend for such a long time. Both Dalia and Oats are quite similar if compared to their nutritional benefits. But there are certain differences between both that one should be aware of. 

1. Easier to prepare

Dalia takes about 15 minutes to be prepared whereas Oats can be prepared within 2 minutes. Raw oats can take about 10 minutes but Steel-cut oats take about 2-3 minutes to prepare. So, if you are in a hurry then oats can be a better pick. Always go for plain oats instead of flavored oats as they contain preservatives and artificial colors. 

2. Nutritional comparison

Nutrients Oats (100g) Dalia(100g)
Energy 360 Kcal 350 Kcal
Protein 12g 12g
Carbs 60g 70g
Fat 6g 2g

As we can see the carbohydrate content in Dalia is more compared to that of Oats, but the fat content in Dalia is less compared to that of Oats. The calories content and the protein content and are almost the same in both. The difference in nutritional value is very minimal and one can choose anyone between both according to their preferability. 

3. Gluten Factor

This is the main point of difference between Oats and Dalia. This is the point where Daila fails if compared to Oats. People with celiac disease or having gluten intolerance should stay away from Dalia. Dalia is basically made from wheat and this is where the problem lies. On the other hand, oats are grains from Avena Sativa, and are safe for people suffering from celiac disease. Oats are free from gluten and are easily digested. 

Oats vs Dalia – Which is better?

As we can see there are not many differences between Oats and Dalia. If still, someone had to choose the best one among Dalia and oats, you should definitely go for oats as Steel-cut oats can be prepared within minutes, contains fewer carbohydrates and is gluten-free. 


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