Newspaper Refuses To Call Republican Fraudits Audits

The Philadelphia Inquirer is refusing to call the fraudit efforts by Pennsylvania Republicans an audit.

For weeks, The Inquirer has been refusing to call the Republican effort to fraudit the 2020 results an audit:

What Republicans are doing is not an audit.

The fraudit in Arizona didn’t “confirm” President Biden’s win as many mainstream outlets claimed because it wasn’t an audit. Audits are done by state and local election officials, not partisan members of a state legislature who are not following best practices when reviewing ballots.

The wave of fraudits is being carried out by Donald Trump and his minions to undermine democracy.

The 2020 election already was audited in the swing states and Joe Biden won. This was a known fact nearly a year ago.

Republicans continue to beat the fraudit drum because these wastes of taxpayer money have nothing to do with finding the winner of the 2020 election. Everyone already knows that Joe Biden won.

The purpose of the fraudit is to lay the groundwork for voter suppression laws that will return Trump to power.

The Philadelphia Inquirer knows this and is not playing along.

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