New Poll Finds Trump Is Killing Republican Senate Hopes In Pennsylvania, Ohio, And North Carolina

A new poll from John Bolton’s PAC found that Trump is hurting Republican Senate candidates in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and North Carolina.

The poll from John Bolton PAC:

Trump is very unpopular with Independent and decided voters in each of the states polled. What makes the situation even worse for Republicans is that Trump is directly responsible for both Mehmet Oz and JD Vance winning their Republican primaries.

The landscape is especially bad in Pennsylvania, where there has yet to be a single poll showing Oz leading Democratic candidate John Fetterman. Oz would not be the Republican nominee if it weren’t for Trump, and if Fetterman flips the formerly red US Senate in Pennsylvania blue, it will be with a large assist from Donald Trump.

The failed former president is turning what Republicans thought was a red wave into Democrats keeping control of the Senate.

The Bolton poll is from a super PAC and not a neutral pollster, but the findings do mirror other polls that show Democrats more than holding their own. Trump is a drag on Republican Senate candidates, and his efforts are part of the reason why the evaporating red wave now has a tinge of blue.

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