Narcissist in Power

It is clear that Joe Biden is a narcissist. The revelations on his son’s laptop and in his daughter’s diary put this beyond question.

Why do Biden’s children have this odd and seemingly self-destructive tendency to leave their secrets lying around?

It is a cry for help. It is a way to cry for help without being held by the narcissist to blame.

Ashley Biden’s diary reveals at least a strong suspicion of pedophilic incest.

This is a common feature of a dysfunctional family.

We think of narcissism as self-love; but what is “self”? Narcissists can be self-destructive. Better to see it as addiction to one’s desires, one’s vices. Sex is pleasurable. A child of the opposite sex readily available behind closed doors makes a target of opportunity.

Another child, readily available behind closed doors, makes a convenient target to vent your bad feelings. It seems, however, that Biden at least did not have this malicious streak. He also had enough self-control, or cunning, not to mess himself up with drugs or alcohol or public scandal.

Scapegoats will be considered wrong no matter what they do. But to those children not selected as scapegoats narcissists are likely to pass on the ethic of indulging every desire. Indeed, this will be encouraged. Children of narcissists therefore often themselves become narcissists. We see Ashley’s and Hunter’s sex addiction and drug addictions.

A narcissist will lie convincingly whenever it is to their advantage. What they desire to be true is more important than the truth. Biden has shown this tendency throughout his career.

A narcissist will worship his own body. It is, after all, the instrument of pleasure. He will expect others to adore it as well. Hear Biden talk fondly about how the hair stands up on his legs, and children like to stroke it. Witness Hunter’s endless naked selfies.

Narcissists are almost always personally charming. Because they lack morals, they are free to say whatever seems in their interest to say. Find someone who has no enemies, and you have probably found a narcissist.

As Confucius said, “If a man has no enemies at court, it is necessary to make enquiries.”

It is therefore alarming how everyone around Washington claims that Joe Biden is a nice guy personally.

Remarkable how the media and the FBI run interference for him, trying to suppress and ignore all the evidence. But this is a familiar phenomenon when dealing with narcissists: the flying monkeys.

At the same time, many call Trump a narcissist. Trump’s kids are evidently well-adjusted, personally happy and successful. Trump is accused of constantly lying. To the contrary, unlike Biden, he is strikingly truthful: he says what he thinks. Lots of people love him, lots of people hate him. This is the sure sign of a man of principle.

Rather than a narcissist or bully, Trump is a man who stands up to narcissists and bullies. Unlike most of us, he refuses to be a kapo or a flying monkey.

That is why we hate him. He won’t play the game. He is a threat to the narcissists, and he shames the rest of us.

We are, most of us, cowards. Narcissists will go great lengths to get what they want. If you oppose them, they will set up an infernal howl. If possible, they will bully you. So most of us go along with them immediately, and even help them destroy others. If we do not, we fear ourselves becoming the scapegoat.

It works this way in a dysfunctional family, and it works this way in a dysfunctional nation.

So all the flying monkey gang up against Trump.

We are in a particularly bad situation now, because for several generations, the “experts” have been telling us the most important thing is to make sure children have “self-esteem.” That is, are coached towards narcissism.

Now we have a critical mass, and all hell is breaking loose. And few are available to stop it.

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity.

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