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MTR poha is an easy-to-cook recipe, especially consumed as breakfast food. It is enriched with crunchy peanuts and lemon and is generally available in two flavors in the market ( the Regular and the Khatta Meetha flavor ). If you do not like cooking and want to eat warm poha for breakfast, then MTR Poha can be your best choice. It claims to be a 3-minute recipe and can be easily made by anyone. 

So in this blog, we will be reviewing MTR Poha and also will be determining if it is good for our health or not just like our authentic homemade poha. Let’s begin.


  • Rice flakes (main ingredient)
  • Edible vegetable fat interesterified ( Made from palm oil)
  • Peanuts
  • Dehydrated onion
  • Maltodextrin
  • Acidity regulators
  • Tartaric acid
  • Other spices and herbs

Nutritional information

60grams ( 1 packet ) of MTR poha consists of the following nutritional value.

Nutrients Amount
Energy 251 Kcal
Protein 5g
Carbohydrate 42g
Sugar 1.2g
Dietary fiber 2g
Fat 7g
Saturated fat 3g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 880mg

MTR Poha – Review

Ready in 3 minutes?

MTR Poha claims to be ready in 3 minutes and this is actually true. It requires no cooking. One just needs to empty the entire pack in 45ml of hot boiling water. Mix it well and keep it at rest for 3 minutes. Boom! your poha is ready in 3 minutes. 

Added poha

The first thing that one should check in a poha recipe is the amount of actual poha present in the recipe. MTR poha confirms the presence of 75% rice flakes or poha. So the main ingredient in this recipe can be confirmed as poha. 

No added preservatives?

MTR Poha claims that they have no added preservatives in their poha. This fact cannot be claimed as true as the packaging of MTR Poha mentions the presence of Acidity regulators 330 and 334. Acidity regulators are also considered preservatives as they help in extending the help life of the product. Both 330 and 334 acidity regulators are not harmful to our health but MTR should have mentioned “No harmful preservatives” instead of “No added preservatives”.

Added cheap palm oil

Palmolive oil is very harmful to our health. This is a very cheap oil that is nowadays used by a lot of food brands to make the product cost-efficient. Palm oil also contains high amounts of harmful saturated fats which are not at all good for your heart. Palmolive oil is not at all good for our health. 


In simple words, maltodextrin is a type of carbohydrate and actually acts like sugar in our bodies. It is added to a product to improve the shelf-life, flavor, and thickness. It is not harmful to our health. The presence of maltodextrin in MTR Poha does not necessarily make it bad but too much sugar is not at all good for your health. 

  • Diabetic patients should not consume MTR Poha as it has lots of sugar, carbohydrates, and maltodextrin. 
  • This product is safe for pregnant women and kids.

Too much sodium

60g of MTR Poha provides you with 880mg sodium which is considered extremely high. According to the guidelines of WHO and ICMR an adult should not consume more than 2000mg of sodium per day. We already consume a lot of sodium per day and adding 880mg sodium to the regular sodium levels would exceed the number in the guidelines. 

People with heart-related issues, kidney stone problems, liver-related issues should definitely ignore this product. 

Amount of saturated fat

3g of saturated fat is found in 60g of MTR Poha. At least two packets of this poha are required to keep you full. So, consuming two packets of this poha regularly as a breakfast food provides you with 6g of saturated fat on a regular basis. Too much-saturated fat is very bad for your health.


Although MTR Poha does not contain any harmful preservative, but the presence of Palmolive oil and the presence of too much sodium does not make this product 100% safe for your health. It is recommended to have this product occasionally and not on a regular basis. 


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