Money Well Review: Is It Legit?

Phone games are a fun way to make a little extra money in your free time. If you want to earn cash by playing mobile games, Money Well is worth considering.

This play-to-earn app allows Android users to receive PayPal and gift card rewards. Earnings are based on the number of minutes you play instead of making in-app purchases.

Our Money Well review shares how the platform works and the ways you can make money.


Money Well is one of the better gaming apps since it pays you by the minute and doesn’t require in-game purchases to advance. PayPal and gift card rewards are available starting at $0.50. However, it’s only for Android users, and the pay is low.


  • PayPal and gift card rewards
  • Pays by the minute
  • Multiple game options


  • Android only
  • Low earning potential
  • Requires face verification

What Is Money Well?

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Money Well is an Android-only rewards app that pays you to play various games. It was developed by justDice, which is based out of Hamburg, Germany.

This gaming app is open to multiple countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Your gaming and cashout options depend on your country of residence, but most users can access PayPal Cash and gift cards.

It’s free to join and doesn’t require in-game purchases to earn bonus points. Instead, the number of points you earn depends on how many minutes you play the game. Points start accumulating after 10 seconds of gameplay.

You may also be able to earn points by taking surveys and downloading apps, but these opportunities are relatively uncommon. Consequently, it’s best to consider Money Well when you want to play games and make money quickly.

Is Money Well Legit?

Yes, Money Well is a legit way to play games for real money. However, it requires an Android device, and you won’t get rich. That said, it can still be an excellent way to earn a few extra dollars by discovering new games in your free time.

This gaming app is a legit side hustle because you start earning rewards points after 10 seconds of gameplay. You can see the earning potential before selecting a game and earn the most points during the first 10 minutes of play.

Additionally, this app has many verified payouts from users with a minimum redemption of $0.50. You can request a small payout relatively quickly by playing games for several minutes daily.

How Does Money Well Work?

Setting up and earning gaming rewards points with Money Well is easy.

Installation and Registration

Money Well get started

First, start by downloading Money Well from Google Play. Then, launch the app and create your account using the email connected to your PayPal account. Connecting through your Google or Facebook account is supported as well.

The enrollment process includes these actions:

  • Agree to the app’s terms and conditions
  • Complete a brief profile survey to be recommended relevant games
  • Enable data sharing (required to earn rewards)

You will most likely receive a signup bonus of 4,444 points (tickets) that are worth approximately $0.44 in rewards. It’s possible to cash out once your balance reaches $0.50 (4,999 tickets).

Earning Rewards

Money Well earn rewards

You will earn rewards by playing games using the app. Different games partner with the app to get exposure, and you get to make money by playing them through Money Well instead of downloading them directly from Google Play.

The paid opportunities update daily, and the gaming categories include:

  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Bingo
  • Casino
  • Puzzle
  • Word
  • Strategy

The earning potential varies by the offer. Sponsored games pay more, so you may want to try these first since you get paid by the minute. For example, one game may offer 700 points per minute, but the average is between 40 and 50 points per minute.

Additionally, users report that the pay rate usually decreases after the first 10 minutes of play. At this point, you will continue receiving points, but the earnings will be lower.

If you’re chasing points, playing several games for a few minutes daily optimizes your efforts.

As a caveat, certain countries outside of the United States pay when you advance to a higher level or make in-game purchases. This payout structure is similar to most of the ways to get paid to play games.

Getting Paid

Money Well PayPal rewards

You can start requesting PayPal rewards with a balance as small as 4,999 tickets for a $0.50 balance. Higher amounts are also available for PayPal and retail gift cards.

Some of the gift card brands include:

  • Amazon
  • Apple iTunes
  • Best Buy
  • Google Play
  • Nintendo
  • Steam

Before cashing out, you must upload a selfie to verify your identity. Some user reviews indicate trouble uploading a clear image due to improper lighting.

This extra security step can be frustrating if you prefer privacy since other apps may only send a limited-time security code.

How Much Does Money Well Cost?

It’s free to download, join and use the Money Well app. In the United States, you make money for each minute of gameplay and are not required to make in-game purchases to complete the offer requirements.

How Much Can You Earn With Money Well?

You can expect to earn several dollars per week if you play several days a week. Anticipate earning at least 50 tickets per minute.

You will need approximately 5,000 tickets for a $0.50 payout.

It takes approximately 100 minutes of game time to reach this threshold when you earn 50 points per minute. However, you can achieve your prize goal sooner by choosing higher-paying games.

Additionally, most games have the highest payouts for the first 10 minutes of daily use.

With no special skills or schedule required, this app is an easy way to make money. However, other side hustles can pay you more for your efforts.

Money Well Customer Reviews

Money Well doesn’t have a widespread online footprint because it’s only an Android app, but the average member enjoys using the app. That said, users have complained about the low pay rate and not receiving credit for minutes played.

Here are some review excerpts from app users:

“Does EXACTLY what it says it does. I first tested it with a .50 credit to PayPal which I hit. I recently cashed in a $5 credit and a couple of $2.50 credits as well. Great if you want to be competitive but on a budget.” — Necrotorqueo

“It’s a great way to earn extra cash…when it works. There are a LOT of times I’ll be playing for quite a while and then the app doesn’t register my played minutes. It’s too bad bc this is one of the faster earning apps.” — Mad Eye Moody Productions

“Thus far I have cashed out two times successfully to my Paypal. The downside is that it takes forever to get through the suggested games…due to ads. Money Well is not a scam although it does take a ridiculous amount of points to cash out. IT DOES cash out.” — Fallon B.

“It was decent. I did cash out. And then they said they needed face verification. Okay cool. I’ve yet to fail one. And it fails. So you contact customer service because there’s no other way to verify. Customer service responds with a bot…” — Tony P.

Alternatives To Money Well

This app can help you make money by playing free games, but other apps are better if you want a side hustle stack. These Money Well alternatives may even be open to Apple users.


InboxDollars is a prominent get-paid-to (GPT) site available to Android, Apple and desktop users that offers paid games, surveys, shopping trips as well as web searches. You’re also able to earn points by reading sponsored emails.

Many offers are free, but some require a purchase. New members get a $5 signup bonus, and the minimum redemption is $15 for the first cashout and $30 for each subsequent one. Redemption options include PayPal, Amazon and gift cards.

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Another Android-only gaming app, Mistplay offers opportunities to play games and earn rewards. You will get points based on your gameplay duration and how many levels you complete. There are also bonus opportunities to earn extra points.

As a warning, most offers require in-game purchases, and you can only request gift card payments. Stick with Money Well for free games and PayPal rewards.

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Consider Swagbucks for multiple short tasks that pay and redemption minimums as low as $1. You can make money via games, apps, surveys, product trials, shopping online and uploading receipts. Several activities require a purchase.

It’s possible to start requesting Amazon gift cards with a $1 balance. Most PayPal and gift card awards require a $5 balance. In addition, this platform is available online or using Apple and Android devices.

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Are you still unsure whether Money Well is right for you? These answers can help.


It is easy to get paid to play games on Money Well since you earn points for each minute that you play instead of having to reach a specific level or making in-game purchases. However, you must still play for several hours to earn a small reward.

Redeeming your rewards balance for Paypal cash or gift cards is another positive. Nevertheless, a GPT site is a better option if you want a wider variety of income opportunities or don’t use Android devices.

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