Mollie Hemingway: Private Takeover Of Government Election Offices Needs To Be Illegal

, Mollie Hemingway revealed that President Trump said he thinks Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg should be in jail for interfering in the 2020 presidential election.

“Not only the private takeover of funding of election offices but what Big Tech oligarchs did to suppress information violates freedom of information for Americans,” she told Fox Business Network host Larry Kudlow.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Well, one of the things that I thought was a great report leading up to this, you were talking about where that money was targeted, it was really targeted toward Democratic cities and counties in swing states.

So you see outsized funding in states that end upshifting from Trump, the Trump column in 2016 to the Biden column in 2020: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia. This was really targeted funding, it mostly went to predominantly goes to the blue counts where they can squeeze votes out by putting left-wing activists into the governmental election offices. And governmental election offices are not supposed to take sides, but through this disparate funding, the way they were targeting democratic groups with that funding it ended up making a huge difference in the election.

Obviously, you can’t have, you can’t have tech oligarchs privately funding U.S. elections. So, a lot of states are making it illegal, Governor DeSantis noted earlier this week that Florida had made the private takeover of government election offices illegal, but at the time it happened nobody imagined such a thing could take place. They were able to walk right in there and have really profound effects. The election came down to 43,000 votes across three states, a little bit of changes in one state or another can have a profound effect on who is president, who controls the senate, and how Washington, D.C. is run…

I think we’ll know a lot more about the other oligarchs and billionaires who were funding the operation. Mark Zuckerberg kind of went out there publicly. It was really pitched as if it were this bipartisan, non-partisan funding. Obviously, that is not true. These grants were given to counties, and it went out to a whole slew of left-wing groups that it embedded into the system, that handled voter registration, ballot design, ballot translation, ballot harvesting, ballot counting. All sorts of legal issues. All the left-wing, far-left groups. They all have ties to the Obama administration or previous Biden ties.

So, it was not even close whether those groups were neutral. They were all on the left.

But there, the whole thing was the establishment doing whatever it took to make sure Donald Trump couldn’t get a second term. So it was kind of all hands on deck. The book deals not just with this issue, but how laws were changed in states throughout the country to make it possible to flood the zone with tens of millions of mail-in ballots and drop the scrutiny applied to them.

LARRY KUDLOW: Going around legislatures? In fact, in many cases not even consulting legislatures.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Right. So you’re supposed to according to the constitution the legislature is in charge of that. Frequently that didn’t happen at all. You would have these Democratic law firms, their allied groups sue a friendly secretary of state and get them to settle and agree to these really profound changes in election laws. It creates this whole mess where you don’t even know how many votes are outstanding. You don’t know who is monitoring the ballots. You don’t know if the ballots are being taken care of properly.

It is just messy. The messiness was the design. The Democratic Party wants to make it so you can litigate everything and challenge everything. You don’t know what is going on.

That is the issue now, a lot of citizens say we need to tighten this up. Clean this up. This is no way to run a country.

LARRY KUDLOW: I want to ask you this, I want to ask you your opinion, your judgment, as I’m reading your stuff, thinking about this, I think the arguments you’re making that the oligarchs set this election up and bought it ahead of the voting day is a stronger argument. I mean President Trump is saying there was fraud on election stay and the vote counting was wrong but you’re making a different statement here. This — that the I call it bought or influence was done ahead of time. I just wonder whether you talked to President Trump or suggested that line of reasoning?

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: I don’t make suggestions to politicians but I have talked to him about what happened in 2020. I interviewed him extensively for the book along with all sorts of other people on the campaign, at the RNC, and otherwise. I think he actually understands these issues. He told me he thought Zuckerberg should be in jail for what he did. Not only the private takeover of funding election offices, but what Big Tech oligarchs did to suppress information, violates freedom of information for Americans. It was about controlling algorithms. Deplatforming effective conservative voices. These are all such important issues and can’t have a free and fair election or an honest election when you can’t even know what the issues are in play. Because of our media environment and tech environment, it is very hard for Americans to actually know what is going on. What they were told was true about Biden is very different from the reality we’re dealing with now. Because of media and tech suppression and interference.

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