Modern Parenting Styles


An example essay in the text from which I am teaching seems to have no concept of teaching values or ethics. It classifies parents as either “lenient” or “disciplinarian.” But the only point it sees for “discipline” is “safety and protection of the children.” No thought that learning discipline prepares a child to deal with adversity, to be independent, to achieve success through deferred gratification, or to restrain their instincts out of respect for the rights of others.

Perhaps worse, the essence of discipline is presented as not being permitted to play outside or make friends outside the family. These are a perfect way to prevent a child from learning ethics, or discipline, or how to deal with adversity. They are examples of treating a child like a possession. They are narcissistic on the part of the parent.

But the “lenient” style of parenting, as given, won’t teach ethics either. It is described as just letting the child do as they like, including howling in a crowded theatre.

Either of these “parenting styles” is child abuse. Yet they are presented as the only alternatives, and neither is condemned.

More evidence that our civilization has lost its bearings. Its bearings are its ethics.

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