Missouri hid own Covid study after it found mask mandates saved lives | Boing Boing

Mask mandates saved lives, according to a study conducted by Missouri’s health department. This was not the outcome that governor Mike Parson wanted, so the study was buried. The Missouri Independent forced them to reveal it with a Freedom of Information Act filing.

The study compared infection and death rates in St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City and Jackson County with the rest of the state. New state health Director Donald Kauerauf wrote in an email that the study’s findings showed the effectiveness of mask mandates and forwarded it to Parson’s office. The analysis wasn’t included in material the department prepared for cabinet meetings, the emails show. Neither the health department nor Parson’s office responded to requests for comment asking why the data has not been shared publicly. …

“I think we can say with great confidence reviewing the public health literature and then looking at the results in your study that communities where masks were required had a lower positivity rate per 100,000 and experienced lower death rates,” Kauerauf wrote…

Parson has spoken out repeatedly against local mask mandates, calling them “WRONG” in a tweet and a contributor to the erosion of public trust. Attorney General Eric Schmitt has gone a step further, suing St. Louis, St. Louis County, Kansas City and Jackson County to block enforcement of their mask mandates.


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