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When we think about hair care, the first thing that comes to our mind is hair oil. Hair oil is basically an oil-based cosmetic product that is applied to the hair and gently massaged to improve the quality of our hair. Some hair oils are made for regular use and maintain the overall quality of your hair while some specialize in fighting dandruff and preventing hair loss.

Hair oil generally provides nourishment to your scalp while strengthening your hair roots and preventing frizziness. Hair oils are available in the Indian markets for both men and women. Men being men, generally tend to never take care of their hair or skin which finally results in baldness and poor skin. On the other hand, women are much more concerned about their haircare and skincare routine.

In this highly competitive hair oil market, there are several hair oils that actually work while some are there which do not work at all and have several side effects associated with them. These “do not work” brands even though contain several chemicals get easily trusted by customers because of their high brand value.

So today in this article we will be looking at one of the newly launched Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil from the brand “Mensome” and will be reviewing it by closely analyzing its ingredients. Our reviewer has personally used Mensome’s hair oil and the opinion will be entirely based on his experiences. Let’s begin.

What is Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil?

The red onion hair oil by the brand “Mensome” is a type of hair oil introduced in the Indian markets which efficiently boosts your hair growth, removes dandruff and stops hair breakage. It is a 3-in-1 hair oil that can be used on a regular basis by both men and women to promote your overall hair health and prevent hair fall. The company claims that the main secret of this hair oil is its magical ingredients that efficiently serves its purpose.

Ingredients in Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil

The efficiency of the hair oil by Mensome lies in its ingredients. The main ingredients used for making the hair oil along with how they help your hair are as follows.

  • Red onion – Considered great for strengthening your hair as well as providing shine to your hair.
  • Coconut oil – Repairs dry hair and moisturizes your hair
  • Vitamin E – Promotes healthy scalp
  • Hibiscus – Can stop hair loss and thickens hair
  • Bhringraj – Promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation to the scalp and roots
  • Isoamyl laurate – Acts as a conditioner
  • Castor oil – Boosts hair growth and hydrates your hair
  • Argan oil – Moisturizes your hair and has antibreakage properties
  • Jojoba oil – Has anti-dandruff property
  • Extracts of Amla – Promotes overall hair growth and has minute anti-dandruff properties
  • Sunflower oil – Stops hair-breakage
  • Brahmi – reduces dryness of hair
  • Indian Margosa tree – Has anti-bacterial properties
  • Mango butter – Strengthens hair follicles
  • Shea butter – Promotes healthy scalp
  • Sandalwood oil – Has anti-dandruff properties
  • Rose oil – Has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties

Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil Review – Analyzing ingredients and claims

Choice of ingredients

The perfect combination of ingredients used for making Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil makes this hair oil a very powerful one. The presence of red onion along with Vitamin E, Bhringraj, Shea butter and coconut oil promotes hair health. Simultaneously, the presence of jojoba oil and sandalwood oil makes it a great anti-dandruff hair oil. Moreover, it also possesses the power of reducing hair fall due to the presence of sunflower oil, mango butter, argan oil and hibiscus. So the ingredients used in this hair oil have all the proven properties and thereby the hair oil justifies its claims.

Free from harmful chemicals?

The problem with any cosmetics or hair grooming products is the presence of chemicals that harms your skin or hair in the long run. Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil is entirely free from any harmful chemicals such as sulfates, SLS and phthalates. The onion hair oil is made from natural ingredients and hence does not necessarily have any side effects.

For men only?

Although Mensome is a brand that mainly focuses on men’s grooming products, its onion hair oil can be used by both men and women. This is because the ingredients used in the product are suitable for both men and women. Normally, when it comes to skincare, men’s skin is way more rough compared to women’s. As a result, the skincare cosmetics for both men and women are different. But when it comes to hair especially, hair oil, the choice of ingredients remains to be similar and works efficiently for both.

Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil Personal Review

Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil review

Our reviewers tried the onion hair oil for 4 weeks and came to a conclusion. The smell of the onion hair oil is on the stronger side and after even completely removing the oil, the smell remains to be intact for at least 4-5 hours. The onion hair oil is reddish in color because of the presence of red onion. Initially, when applied, the hair oil straightaway blends well with your hair.

If your hair is extremely dry, you will definitely love it. After keeping it for at least 30 minutes and then shampooing, you will instantly feel that your hair has become typically soft. After using it for straight four weeks, it actually worked efficiently. It prevented hair breakage and strengthened the hair follicles to make your hair look dense. But personally, our team cannot comment on the anti-dandruff properties of the hair oil as no changes were seen even after using it for 4 weeks.

Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil works efficiently in stopping hair fall, regrowing hair and making your hair smooth and shinier but they lack in the anti-dandruff portion. Maybe you need to use it for a few more weeks to witness its actual anti-dandruff properties.

So overall, compared to other hair oils in the market, Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil can be concluded as one of the best ones if you are someone who’s looking for a hair oil that boosts hair growth and takes care of your hair at the same time.

How to use Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil?

How to use Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil

It is very easy to use Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil just like any other hair oil. Just take a few drops of the oil in head down position and massage gently on your scalp. Leave the oil on your hair for at least 1 hour and then thoroughly wash your hair with a proper shampoo. Apply regularly for the best results.

Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil – Pros and Cons

So overall, after analyzing the ingredients and going through the personal review section, the pros and cons of the onion hair oil by Mensome are as follows


  • One of the best onion hair oil when it comes to taking care of your hair on a regular basis.
  • Works efficiently in preventing hair fall and promotes dense hair growth
  • Strengthens hair roots and follicles
  • Mild anti-dandruff properties
  • Entirely free from harmful chemicals
  • Made In India product
  • For both men and women (suitable for all types of hair)
  • Cruelty-free


  • The smell could have been improved by adding artificial fragrances that are safe for hair
  • The pricing could have been improved. 200ml of Mensome Red Onion Hair Oil costs you around Rs 600, which is a bit high compared to other hair oils in the market.

So overall, the hair oil from Mensome made from red onion is one of its kind and satisfies almost all claims made by the brand. It works very well in preventing hair fall by boosting your hair growth and strengthening your hair follicles. It provides instant shine to your hair and makes your hair soft and healthy. Yes, the intensity of the anti-dandruff property in this oil could have been improved. But except that, everything seems to be right on the point.


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