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Mamaearth Argan Hair mask is a much-hyped cosmetic product in India. Although the reviews of the product make it the number one choice when it comes to making your hair smooth and silky in nature. But is that the real truth? Does Mamaearth Argan Hair mask actually is that great or is it just that it gained popularity because of the manipulated review?

Today, in this article we will be clearing out the doubts by reviewing Mamaearth Argan hair mask. Let’s begin.

What does the company claim?

Mamaearth is already a very renowned brand when it comes to the cosmetics industry in India. Launched in 2016 they have gained immense popularity since then because of the quality of their products. When it comes to their Argan hair mask, the company claims a lot of facts that seem somewhat unbelievable. 

  1. Mamaearth Argan hair mask is a type of conditioner that concentrates on reducing the frizziness of your hair making your hair look shiny and feel smoother and buttery. It also helps in treating split ends. 
  2. Along with providing nutrition to your hair, it makes your hair strong from the inside and promotes hair health. Alongside it also acts as a shield against dandruff.
  3. The hair mask is free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, dyes and harmful synthetic fragrances.
  4. The Argan hair mask is made by keeping Indian hair conditions in mind, as a result, it is suitable for all hair types. 
  5. It is hypoallergenic in nature and dermatologically tested. 

Does Mamaearth Argan Hair mask stand on what it actually claims?

Well, a product just for the sake of good marketing and increased sales tend to write a lot of things in their packaging which makes the customer go gaga over it. What we miss is the fact of whether the claims made by the product are actually true or not. We generally tend to not read the actual ingredients used for making the product. In this Mamaearth Argan Hair mask Review, we will be analyzing every claim made by the product deeply to find out if they are true. 

1. Completely free from harmful chemicals?

A cosmetic product be it for hair or your face or your skin can never be entirely free from chemicals until and unless it is completely organic or herbal in nature. Having said so, this claim made by Mamaearth Argan Hair mask is somewhat true.

They have worked really hard on the type of ingredients they used in their product. Argan oil, avocado oil, milk protein, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, tea tree oil, curd extract are all-natural ingredients and causes no harm to your hair. Rather they actually nourish your hair. What I personally don’t understand is the usage of brassica alcohol in their product. Although brassica alcohol does not act like drying alcohol and won’t have many side effects if the amount is less. But personally, I don’t find the need of using it as an ingredient especially when the product is of top-notch quality.

Except for this fact, this claim by the product seems to be justified. You should always know the difference between being completely free from harmful chemicals and completely free from chemicals. To increase the efficiency of a product you need to use chemicals but the chemicals need to be safe or should be added in low quantities to ensure no side effects. Mamaearth Argan Hair mask follows this policy and thus statement can be claimed true in that case.

2. Great for frizzy hair?

This is entirely true as I went through the complete list of ingredients and analyzed them. The perfect combination of the ingredients present in Mamaearth Argan hair mask makes it a great choice for people who have damaged hair and do not have a healthy scalp. It not only reduces hair fall and repairs damaged hair but also provides you with a healthy scalp.

  • Argan oil makes your hair softer removing dryness from your hair.
  • Avocado oil plays a main role in the moisturization process and helps in preventing hair fall and milk protein provides the shine your hair needs.
  • Rosemary oil is associated with preventing dandruff.
  • Cedarwood oil maintains a healthy scalp.
  • Tea tree oil prevents the breakage of your hair.
  • Sodium citrate is an acidic ingredient that makes sure that the pH is maintained.
  • Capric triglyceride helps in maintaining the hydration your hair needs.
  • Hydrolyzed collagen helps in repairing damaged hair.
  • Sodium hyaluronate is a humectant that keeps your scalp hydrated.

So overall, the right choice of combination of ingredients actually provides your hair with overall nourishment and promises to enhance the quality of your hair. This claim is absolutely true by Mamaearth.

3. For all hair types?

Mamaearth is a unicorn Indian brand whose headquarter is situated in Gurugram, Haryana. Being an Indian brand they specialize in making products that are only focused on the Indian lifestyle. So it is quite easy for them to make a hair product that is suitable for all Indian hair types.

This hair mask is actually a boon for people with curly hair. There are very less hair products in the market which are made for curly hair types and Mamaearth Argan Hair mask stands out among all of them. If you have curly hair don’t even hesitate to choose this product if you actually have hair problems. 

4. Dermatologically tested?

This statement is entirely true. Most of their products including Mamaearth argan hair mask are dermatologically tested in Europe. They are actually safe for your hair as they specialize in making products free from harmful chemicals. The product is also non-irritant in nature.

My personal experience using Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

Mamaearth Argan Hair mask

Generally, my hair is straight but remains frizzy throughout the day as I don’t get enough time to take care of my hair. I bought the 200g pack of Mamaearth Argan Hair mask as it had amazing reviews. I generally prefer homemade remedies over products. But this seemed very time-consuming compared to natural remedies. The packaging seems perfect and is extremely travel-friendly.

At first impression, the smell is weird and smelt like paint. The mask has a thick texture like that of cream. As mentioned in the packaging, I distributed the mask evenly on my hair from the beginning of my hair to the end gently. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner or a rinse-off conditioner.

I personally love to apply it before shampooing my hair. Being sticky and quite thick in consistency you need to apply it thoroughly so that your entire hair is covered. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and wash it away. 

The results

Well after the first wash my hair actually felt softer, my fingers were just breezing through my hair. Most importantly generally after applying conditioner, my hair seems to go dry. But in this case, my hair seemed hydrated and nourished. Generally, you can never feel a huge difference after applying this for the first time. But if you start repeating the process twice a week you will definitely get great results. At least, I experienced positive results. My hair actually became nourished and my hair fall problem was seen to be decreasing day by day. 

Pros (What I liked about Mamaearth argan hair mask)

  • Mamaearth argan hair mask actually makes your hair feel smoother and softer right after the first wash
  • Actually nourishes your hair and controls hair fall. You will see great results after using it for 2 months. 
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Personally, suited my hair type. No side effects such as breakage of hair or drying of the scalp have been witnessed
  • Keeps your hair hydrated for a longer time. You will feel the moisturization on your hair.
  • Most importantly, it is actually free from harmful chemicals. My hair is of a very sensitive type. So if exposed to chemicals, hair fall is witnessed. But after using this, I got 0 hair fall. 

Cons (What I did not like about Mamaearth argan hair mask)

  • The fragrance is herbal in nature and smells somewhat like paint which may not be liked by all. 
  • The pricing is on the higher side. So, it can’t be concluded as an affordable option.
  • Availability is a big factor. It generally remains out of stock on Amazon. I had to buy it from a cosmetic store near my house.


200g of Mamaearth argan hair mask costs you around Rs 590. 

Check price on Amazon.

So overall, after reviewing Mamaearth argan hair mask it can be concluded that it actually deserves the reviews and ratings it gets. Maybe, some of the reviews seem to be manipulated but trust me it’s worth a try. And once you try it, you will definitely love it!!


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