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Somehow it’s been 2 years since I shared a Recipe Testing post with you! Even though every new recipe I publish goes through multiple stages of testing, I haven’t had the time to sit down and share an entire post documenting my recent tests and baking blunders. (And trust me, there are a lot of fails!)

(And I’m in the process of securing a publishing house for my 4th cookbook. I can’t wait to share more details, hopefully soon!!)

In today’s Recipe Testing post, I’m sharing the pie testing we’ve been doing over the summer. From-scratch pie can be hard work, so my team and I repeatedly tested the following pies so the results are worth your time and effort.

under-baked blueberry pie with raw-looking lattice dough and runny filling.
blueberry pie with lattice top with slice taken out.

Peach Pie Filling That Sets

For peach pie, I updated the baking instructions so it’s more similar to the new baking instructions for blueberry pie, and the filling sets better.

I also found that cutting the peaches into chunks instead of slices made a big difference! Unlike apple pie where you peel and cut apples into slices, cut your peeled peaches into small (approx. 1-inch) chunks. Because peaches are so juicy, slices bake into mush, while chunks retain more of their deliciously soft texture.

And like the blueberry pie, slicing warm will give you a soupy slice of pie. Cool for at least 4 hours at room temperature because the pie filling continues to set up as it cools. I promise it’s worth the wait!

peach pie slice with vanilla ice cream on top.

Graham Cracker Crust Woes

Homemade graham cracker crusts are, by rule, super easy. Just 3 simple ingredients, and very little time, effort, or skill needed to have them ready for your filling (as opposed to traditional pie crust).

So updating the photos and adding clearer instructions for how to make a perfect graham cracker crust should be easy as pie, right?


graham cracker crust pressed into pie dish.

I also filmed a video tutorial to demonstrate my graham cracker crust-shaping techniques, because when it comes down to it, this is the part of the recipe that can make or break—literally!—a great graham cracker crust. I hope you find it useful!

Cheesecake Pie Recipe Tests

My recipe for cheesecake pie was actually a byproduct of all the graham cracker crust testing. I needed an easy filling to add to the many graham cracker and biscuit crumb crusts we were cranking out, so a quicker, easier adaptation of a classic cheesecake was created.

I played around with the cheesecake ingredient amounts and ratios, to adjust for a pie dish rather than a springform pan, and tested leaving out the sour cream. Whoo, was that a fail! I don’t understand how the absence of sour cream actually made the cheesecake pie taste more sour, but my first thought was that maybe we left out the sugar?! (We didn’t! It tasted so very bad. Don’t skip the sour cream.)

So the cheesecake pie recipe uses the same 6 ingredients as classic cheesecake, but it features a shorter bake time, no water bath, and no cooling-in-the-oven step. I should really call it a cheater’s cheesecake! Some test pies & crusts:

4 cheesecake pies with raspberry sauce drizzled on top.

Each topped with raspberry sauce.

Who eats all these pies? You’re probably wondering that! Luckily we have a lot of neighbors, friends, and family who are now all known as Sally’s Official Taste Testing Crew. 😉

Smoother-Than-Ever French Silk Pie

I’d been seeing some reader comments about the filling of this French silk pie tasting a little grainy, from the granulated sugar not fully dissolving. So I went back to the drawing board and tested the recipe with some tweaks.

Before, you cooked some of the sugar with the eggs on the stove, and creamed the rest of the sugar with the butter. Now you’re combining ALL of the granulated sugar with the eggs, so it has a chance to fully dissolve. The result is a perfectly silky chocolate pie:

chocolate pie filling inside baked pie crust.

I think that’s all the testing worth noting for now! I have a few more recipes we’re working on right now, so expect another Recipe Testing update this fall.

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