Kellyanne Conway Accuses Biden Of Subverting Democracy Before 1/6 Committee Hearing

Kellyanne Conway accused Biden of subverting the process of our elected representatives by taking action on climate.


Conway said on Fox News, “If the president actually takes executive action which he is threatening to do, people should know what that means. It means he has subverted the process of our elected representatives who were put there by the people and instead an unpopular president is basically acting alone, and it comes with tons of money that he can repurpose for climate reasons that the vast majority of Americans, all but a handful of Americans do not think should be a top priority.”

It is not a coincidence that Kellyanne Conway went on Fox News to talk about Biden subverting the process of elected representatives before the 1/6 Committee hearing that will discuss what Trump was doing while a mob that he unleashed on the Capitol tried to subvert the process of our elected representatives to certify a presidential election.

In terms of misuse of executive power, Trump declared a national emergency for his wall and stole congressionally appropriated funds from the troops, so Conway has no room to talk about presidents subverting the process of Congress.

Kellyanne Conway and Fox News were trying to dilute the impact of the 1/6 Committee hearing with bogus claims against Biden, as the real president who abused his power was Trump.

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