Johnson’s still edging it in the Midlands right to the end –

The final approval ratings on the eve of his exit

This weekend we have had the final Opinium poll of the Boris Johnson Premiership and I thought it would to be useful to record how his approval ratings are doing in different parts of the country right to the end. This will be a good pointer to compare with his successor

The chart shows the net approval rating lead/deficit that Johnson has compared to Keir Starmer in the latest Opinium poll.

I think it is very striking that he leaves still being in positive territory against the Labour leader in the Midlands which of course was where he had such success at the 2019 general election.

In a fortnight’s time we should have the first ratings for the new Conservative leader and it will be good to have a point of reference to compare.

Is Truss going to be doing better or worse? She might be helped initially by having a higher level of don’t knows than the opposition leader, but that will change rapidly.

Mike Smithson

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