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Whether Luusuaniemi was right in proclaiming this the best Bond ever may still require further reflection and will likely be the subject of many fan debates, but at the very least this is the best Bond film with Daniel Craig in the role of 007. And it is certainly appropriate to go out with a bang, so to speak, since this is the last time Craig will be ordering shaken, not stirred, martinis and purposefully forgetting to mention his first name the first time round introducing himself.

The rest of the cast deliver solid performances, especially Lea Seydoux and Rami Malek, the latter in the role of evil bad guy, although the character lacks sufficient screen time to be built up properly. There are setups without payoff (what was the purpose of Ana de Armas’ character is beyond me), unexplored possibilities, and characters with vague motivations, but for some reason—call it nostalgia, perhaps—these don’t seem as bad as in previous installations.

All in all, it is a worthy send off for Daniel Craig, and this premiere was a great way to welcome Korjaamo Kino back to the scene of Helsinki cinema.

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