INSANE! Bitcoin Surpasses ALL-TIME HIGH and Eyes 70K! Here’s What’s Next

The day is finally here! Bitcoin managed to finally breach its all-time high price of USD 64,400. This led the entire cryptocurrency market to rally and push upwards. Volumes across exchanges are smashing high while investors who sat on the fence are jumping in again. Now that the ATH price is crossed, where will Bitcoin price reach? Will Bitcoin price reach 100k next?


Recently, the cryptocurrency market was consolidating while Bitcoin started to show a fast recovery in prices. News surfaced about the ETF approval, the fact that made investors more confident towards crypto adoption. Usually, one of the biggest fears that crypto investors have is the legitimacy of such cryptocurrencies. Now that the ETF news is confirmed, this big door opened to traditional investors to come in.

The market is showing a big positive attitude towards those events, and investors who were sitting on the sidelines are jumping back into the crypto game.

BTC/USD 1-day chart showing BTC crossing ATH
Fig.1 BTC/USD 1-day chart showing BTC crossing ATH – TradingView

Bitcoin Price Prediction – Will Bitcoin Continue towards USD 100K?

Now that momentum is back on track, and that Bitcoin crossed its all-time high price, it is very likely that prices will continue towards 100K. This is no surprise as the important milestones for BTC are the following:

  • 10K
  • 20K
  • 40K
  • 50K
  • 66K (previous all-time high)
  • 100K

Naturally, since we crossed the 66K, the next milestone where prices are likely headed towards would be the 100K. In fact, many analysts already predicted this price to be reached many years ago. Today marks yet an important milestone reached, and hopefully, another one accomplished.

If Bitcoin were to reach 100k today, this would mean an easy continuation of the uptrend within the next weeks. Fundamental news should also come in tandem with those elements.

BTC/USD 1-day chart showing the next milestone for BTC
Fig.2 BTC/USD 1-day chart showing the next milestone for BTC – TradingView

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