House Dems (and 2 Republicans) CHEER after ‘vote to take away your 2nd Amendment rights’

The Democrats’ effort to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban passed the House Friday afternoon:

House Democrats on Friday passed a historic bill to ban so-called assault weapons in response to a spate of mass shootings this year — a major victory for the left after party leaders failed to land the votes for a broader slate of public safety bills also awaiting floor action.

The gun vote, passed 217-213, marks the first time in nearly three decades that lawmakers have attempted to reinstate the long-expired ban on semiautomatic firearms, a huge party priority. Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who announced the decision to vote Friday morning, called it “a crucial step in our ongoing fight against the deadly epidemic of gun violence in our nation.”

Most Democrats and two Republicans applauded wildly after the passage:

Dana Loesch adds this:

Also, five Dems opposed the bill, and two Republicans supported it:

This is likely to come to a halt in the Senate (but considering what the Dems are willing to offer Joe Manchin, you never know). But it’s clear the Democrats need to be sent a huge message in the November midterms.

President Biden recently signed a gun control bill but nobody expected the Democrats to stop there did they?

On the off chance that the Senate passes this bill it would likely end up at the Supreme Court before too long.

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