Hong Kong to beef up COVID-19 testing at elderly care homes

Special: Battle Against Novel Coronavirus

The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) government is preparing to step up COVID-19 testing at elderly care homes, which is a focus of the local coronavirus control efforts, an official said Thursday.

Chris Sun, secretary for labor and welfare of the HKSAR government, said he will explain to the sector later this week details of the related plan, which has a clear goal to strengthen testing and further make the elderly care homes more capable of preventing outbreaks.

It is very important to better protect the senior residents, especially those living in elderly care homes, during the epidemic, and raising the vaccination rate and boosting tests are two of the major priorities, according to Sun.

On Thursday, Hong Kong registered 4,076 locally transmitted cases of COVID-19 and 299 imported cases, official data showed.

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