High/Low: Stylish Essentials for Your Sophisticated Summer Party & Their Budget Alternatives

Goodbye, red Solo cups; hello, real glasses and glowing electric candle ambiance.

We’re all about the casual backyard get-togethers with friends, but what if you’re ready to throw a summer party that has a little more….sophistication? Maybe a little more “put-together” than simply grilling something and handing out paper plates, but still comfortable and fun for everyone?

Putting care into the decor details of your party doesn’t mean it will feel stuffy. In fact, consider the last time you were at a backyard party, where the host clearly put thought into the smaller details, like plates and lighting. Felt kinda nice, right?

We’ve compiled several ideas for your next summer get-together. You don’t have to splash out for the most-expensive upgrades to your backyard shindig, but if you want to, we’ve pulled together the best “High/Low” options!

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