Helsinki Airport Offers a Green Line For Those With Two Doses: Only Random Checks for Certificates | Finland Today | News in English |

Last weekend, health authorities at Helsinki Airport started a new policy where travelers who have received two doses of a coronavirus vaccine are offered a quick entry, or a “green line,” into the country. This is supposed to reduce queues at the airport, where the passenger traffic continues to increase.

“Those who have received a full course of [coronavirus] vaccination and those who have had a coronavirus infection in the past six months are going to be directed to a certain line where inspections are carried out through spot checks,” said Kirsi Valtonen, chief physician at Communicable Diseases and Infection Control Unit at the City of Vantaa.

Other passengers are going to be checked for Covid-19 certificates as usual.

According to Valtonen, a passenger who attempts to take the green line without a proper certificate could be subjected to a fine.

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