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Garnier, the brand that has been in the trend for years is still dominating the facewash market for men. Garnier Acno Fight, Oil Clear and Power White are three of their best-selling men’s face wash available in the Indian markets. They are still the super hyped ones despite the fact that there are several better facewashes from other brands that are actually better than these Garnier facewashes. 

In this article, we will be comparing Garnier Men Acno Fight, Oil Clear, Power White and will be determining which one is the best for a men’s skin by comparing all their features. So, let’s begin.

Garnier Men Acno Fight

As the name suggests the Garnier Acno Fight Facewash basically focuses on the removal of pimples and acne from your facial skin. It claims to have a 6 in 1 pimple clearing formula for people with a tendency of developing acne and pimples quite frequently.


  • Mainly focuses on removing acne and pimples from your face
  • Also has an oil-control formula
  • This face wash also helps in reducing redness and also uproots blackheads
  • This face wash also helps in lightening your marks  


  • Provides a cool sensation after use
  • Removes acne ( if the amount of acne is less)
  • Great facewash for removing blackheads 
  • Also works well in lightening marks ( if the marks are fresh )
  • Very affordable


  • It is not suitable for all skin types ( Not at all suitable for sensitive skin)
  • Does not work well if you have a tendency of developing acne
  • Makes your skin dry especially in the winter season

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50g of Garnier Men Acno Fight cost you around Rs 90. 

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Garnier Men Oil Clear 

Garnier Men Oil Clear face wash mainly focuses on oily skin and removes extra oil from your face. This face wash from Garnier is the most popular face wash if compared to the other two. 


  • This facewash actually works really well to remove oil from your face
  • Great dirt removing face wash as well
  • Formulated with a mixture of mineral clay and menthol
  • Also helps in removing acne by clearing out the excess oil from your face


  • Great for normal and oily skin
  • The smell is actually refreshing
  • The cooling effect lasts long which keeps you refreshed
  • Removes oil and dirt from your face almost instantly


  • The effect of the face wash last for about 2-3 hours
  • Using this face wash during the winter season may lead to skin dryness


50g Garnier Men Oil Clear cost you around Rs 90. 

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Garnier Men Power White

Garnier Men power white double Action face wash is a type of face wash that focuses on providing a fairer look for men and at the same time removes dust and dirt from your face keeping your face hydrated. 


  • This face wash has a charcoal-clay combination
  • This face wash makes your skin bright and acts as an anti-pollutant
  • Also provides fairness to your facial skin


  • Budget-friendly
  • The charcoal and icy clay formula provides a cooling effect on your face
  • Skin whitening properties
  • Fights against pollution and removes impurities from your face


  • Not at all suitable for dry skin
  • Only for men


50g Garnier Men Power White cost you around Rs 90. 

Check Price on Amazon!!

Garnier Men Acno Fight vs Oil Clear vs Power White – The comparison


Garnier Men Acno Fight, Oil Clear and Power White, all three are in the same price range and are extremely budget-friendly compared to other face washes available in the market.


All 3 of the facewashes by Garnier have a refreshing smell and the smell is almost similar. 

Skin type

The differences between all of Garnier’s facewashes depend on the type of skin you are using it on.

If your skin type is oily you should go for Garnier Oil Clear Face Wash.

And if you have normal or regular skin you should go for Garnier Men Acno Fight or Garnier Men Power white. 

Which facewash actually works as it claims?

Power White facewash 

It mainly focuses on making your skin dirt and pollution-free, and at the same time provides instant fairness. Though the instant fairness provided by this facewash lasts short it really works wonderfully to remove dirt and pollution from your face.

Oil clear facewash

It mainly focuses on clearing oil from your face and works perfectly for oily skin. Yes, it replaces the oil from your skin but this effect lasts no more than 3 hours. If you are someone who uses facewash 3-4 times a day then this is the one you should go for.

Acno fight facewash 

This is the most advertised facewash by Garnier and focuses on removing acne and pimples from your face. It has other features as well which I have already mentioned. The facewash is not at all good for someone who has too much acne. The acne-removing power of this facewash is not that good. 

Garnier Men Acno Fight vs Oil Clear vs Power White – Which is the best?

If compared between Garnier Men Acno Fight, Oil Clear, and Power White, I would always choose Garnier Power White as the best one. First of all, it removes pollution from your skin which is highly necessary for a face wash, and at the same time provides you with instant fairness.

Garnier Oil Clear is also good but the oil clearing property lasts no more than 3-4 hours. And Garnier Acno Fight may not be your best choice of facewash for fighting against acne as there are better facewashes for fighting acne available in the market. 


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