It was known from the start how this would end. That is, with a Russian victory. Russia could not lose, far too much was at stake regarding its national security was at risk. The only thing that could have stopped Russia winning would have been direct intervention in Ukraine by the western powers via NATO. That option was barred right at the start due to the inevitability of a wider war erupting, quite possibly leading to an all-out nuclear war with Russia.

With no NATO involvement and no direct European military involvement for much the same reason as that behind the NATO restraint Moscow was ALWAYS going to defeat any resistance put up by Ukraine and no matter how many weapons or of what type flowed into Ukraine from the West.

So why are we now in this absurd position where Russia is clearly if incrementally moving forward taking more land in a steady grinding down of the Ukrainian opposition with no calls for talks to end this? The policy of western leaders is clearly to encourage Ukraine to fight to the last Ukrainian while the cause is lost without any possible shadow of a doubt? There are no miracles in warfare, or damn few and those that do arise will stem from individual heroism in the face of all odds. Ukraine cannot possibly hope for divine intervention. So what now?

Now it seems that the daily grind goes on and this form of grinding is macabre indeed. Using vastly superior firepower Russian multiple rocket launchers and other artillery fire an estimated six and a half thousand rounds at EVERY target. That’s every trench, dugout, village, town and conurbation. Ukrainian forces have nothing to match that. Plus they are dog tired and demotivated. Their reserve forces meant to come and relieve them for some days or weeks behind the lines are in their turn being decimated in their bases by long range Russian missiles.

Russia fires on its targets from dawn to dusk, softening up resistance for the day when Russian troops walk forward to minimal resistance. This grinding down operation is repeated time after time according to well-crafted strategies to encircle the most important towns on their way to an inevitable victory.

The number of Ukrainian casualties has varied but the lowest number is at least one hundred dead per day and many times this number injured. Day after day after day. Meanwhile Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and the rest of those who urge this insane meat grinding on are sitting comfortably in their posh homes having a Martini, beer or whatever their favorite tipple is.

Johnson persuaded Zelensky not to give in to the temptation to continue the talks with Russia that neared a breakthrough in Istanbul. There the Ukrainian delegation appeared to be nearing a sensible position on some at least of Russia’s demands. However, Johnson’s visit to Kyiv put an end to that. Without doubt with the connivance of Biden he was able to bring talks to an end by promises of wonder weapons which would turn the tide of war in Ukraine’s favour.

Well, it hasn’t and it won’t. The HIMARS systems and all else in the high-tech weaponry department won’t do the trick. Ukraine already had a huge range of multiple rocket launchers at the get go. They are all gone. The weaponry coming in from the West doesn’t even replace what was lost and will stand little better chance and probably less to avoid destruction now than the previous supply. Russia is crushing the Ukrainian military and with its drones is spotting and taking out all Ukraine’s arms depots. In recent days we hear that Russia is receiving a thousand Iranian drones. Once they are in operation across a Ukraine with scant air force, what chance will those “super” weapons or their shell supply installations have?

There is no good news for Ukraine, only bad and getting worse. Desertions are becoming more frequent, the number of dead per day is rising and this past week saw a record number of Ukrainian troops taken off the battlefield. The Russian military has broken through the toughest defences Ukraine set up with the help of the West and NATO over the last eight years set up opposite Donetsk City by taking the heavily-defended town of Peski. There can be no stopping them now.

The time for Zelensky and his puppet-masters in the West to come to the negotiation table was months ago, yet still they refuse. All this means is that hundreds and most probably thousands more Ukrainians will die needlessly and yet more Ukrainian territory will be taken. To delay an hour more is madness. Yet delay they do. Till when? Till Russia moves all the way west to the banks of the Dnieper, slaughtering and/or capturing thousands of Ukrainian troops the entire way?

All to save face? To stave off the humiliation of defeat for a few more weeks or months? To do all you can with meaningless and futile gestures that bring nothing of substance regarding the final result? To posture and pontificate while delivering what you think are the required deceptions needed because you can’t stand the awful truth?

This is a level of self-seeking irresponsibility that reaches a degree of callousness beggaring belief. End these futile gestures, face the reality of defeat, insist upon immediate negotiations and do all possible to end this proxy war of yours immediately.


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