From ScoMo to QAnon, Lucifer walks among us in Australian politics

The devil is in the detail. And throughout the nation’s colourful political history, we don’t have to sift very long to find him.

(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

During his time in the top job, Morrison gave a nod to God in 120 broadcast media appearances, doorstop interviews, press conferences and ministerial statements. According to the online bible of PM transcripts, Morrison did spare “Satan” from the public purview. Luciferian references appear reserved for Morrison’s appearances at Pentecostal gatherings, including the finer details of “Satan’s plan” that he revealed at Margaret Court’s Victory Life Centre last weekend.

But other members of the Coalition have been less sanguine. Trawling through government documents during Morrison’s tenure, Satan does have his moments in the sun.

On matters of the economy, then Liberal MP Jason Falinski simply could not help himself: “Lucifer himself could not create the temptation that the member for Rankin creates every time he stands up and lectures this House about economic management!” Then opposition finance minister Jim Chalmers had the gall to criticise the Coalition on matters of money. Falinksi said to hell with him.

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