Finland Updates Coronavirus Strategy; Vaccinated People Not Required to Take Covid-19 Test

Finland will reduce the coronavirus testing and tracing capacity of vaccinated people. Those who are in good general health and have received two doses of the vaccine will not need to take a test when facing mild coronavirus-like symptoms. (The new recommendation concerns also those who have had a coronavirus infection over six months ago and have afterward received the first jab of the vaccine.)

“Covid-19 testing will primarily focus on unvaccinated people who have been exposed to the virus and are experiencing symptoms and on vaccinated people who still continue to be at risk of serious illness from Covid-19,” the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health noted in a statement.

Maintaining the current testing and tracing capacity, according to the ministry, “places a considerable burden on healthcare and may regionally lead to a reduced availability of other services.” “High vaccination coverage reduces especially the number of serious Covid-19 cases. Because of this, it is now possible to reduce the testing and tracing capacity in a controlled manner in order to safeguard other functions.” (That being said, according to the ministry, anyone can still take a coronavirus test should they choose to do so.)

The new recommendations are part of the updated national strategy for coronavirus testing and tracing.

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