Egypt updates treatment protocol of COVID-19 for the 7th time – Egypt Independent

A member of the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus of the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt on Saturday announced the amendment of the therapeutic protocol to treat people infected with COVID-19 and its variants, for the seventh time since the beginning of the pandemic until now.

Wagdy Amin, who is also director of the General Department of Chest Diseases at the ministry, added that new medicines have been added and some other medicines have been lifted, as doctors will be trained on using them during the coming period.

The therapeutic protocol is constantly being modified according to the epidemiological situation in Egypt and the world, and in the event of the emergence of any new mutations of coronavirus.

“The amendment is made in the event of the emergence of new therapeutic drugs that prove their effectiveness in treating patients,” he explained.

This seventh amendment does not mark the end, he added, as it will continue to evolve in pace with the ever-shifting epidemiological situation.

The scientific committee to confront coronavirus is constantly updating the treatment protocol by adding drugs that have been proven effective in relieving symptoms and increasing recovery rates during the last period, he said.

Amin explained that it has nothing to do with the recent increase in coronavirus infections, but rather the presence of new drugs.

No rise in serious cases

He referred to the relatively low number of people infected with the virus, as current indicators confirm that most of the current infections are classified from weak to moderate and do not need hospitalization.

However, Amin still stressed the need to follow preventive measures and for everyone to receive the vaccine and the booster dose, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar, explained that the number of deaths has overall decreased.

Abdul-Ghaffar also stressed the readiness and readiness of all health facilities of the Ministry of Health to deal with the current and future developments of the pandemic.

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