Egypt has not passed the peak of the COVID-19 fourth wave – Egypt Independent


The spokesman for the Ministry of Health and Population, Hossam Abdel-Ghaffar, said, on Saturday, that the numbers of infections with the coronavirus in Egypt keep varying, “we have not crossed the peak of the fourth wave so far.”

On Friday, the daily cases of infections with the coronavirus witnessed a slight increase, as the Ministry reported 822 new cases whose laboratory analyzes had proven positive for the virus, an increase of 20 cases over the previous day, pointing to the death of 47 new cases.

Abdel-Ghaffar explained that passing the peak of the fourth wave will only happen when infections become stable for a continuous week.

The Ministry of Health advised to deal with the symptoms of colds as symptoms of suspected coronavirus, so that the patient isolates himself from the rest of his family, not to exchange personal tools, use a special spoon, a cup and a plate, and wash them well with soap and water after use, as well as personal care tools.

In a related context, Adel Khattab, Professor of Chest Diseases at Ain Shams University, member of the Supreme Committee for Virology at the Ministry of Higher Education, said that the seasonal flu is at its peak from December to March and extends to May.

He pointed out that the seasonal influenza vaccine is necessary and vital for immunization, and stressed that there is no conflict between the seasonal influenza vaccine and the coronavirus vaccine, as both treat respiratory viruses.


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