Dubai-based Cryptocurrency Exchange ‘Billium’ Offers Copy Trading For Crypto Traders

The use of copy trading tools in the crypto market is a relatively recent phenomenon. Simple: it allows consumers to take identical positions as expert investors. An advanced trader’s position in cryptocurrencies will immediately be reproduced in the user’s account. Furthermore, users have access to a wealth of information that may help them choose the ideal trader for their financial objectives.

One such prominent exchange for offering copy trading in the crypto sector is Billium. Everything from the trader’s risk tolerance and past results to their favorite asset and average position length is considered.

Using a variety of relevant factors, Billium helps investors choose a trader who is a good fit for their trading style. Trader’s profit and loss since joining Billium, the number of positions, and the monthly win rate are all included in this data set. All subsequent positions in the user’s own account will be mirrored in the account of the trader they have selected to copy unless users change their minds.

Trades are conducted quickly on the crypto market, allowing traders to make trades just as the pros they emulate do, with no lag time. This aids in the safety of each transaction and ensures that no one loses out on the profits.

Billium stands apart from its rivals since it protects traders who imitate other people’s transactions. The Billium exchange’s certification procedure for professional traders is rigorous. Because of this, only traders who can demonstrate their expertise in the market and past performance are allowed to register to become professional traders.

They are then rewarded with large sums of money for any successful transactions made by their spinoffs. As a result, everyone engaged benefits in the long run. With the guidance of skilled traders, novice traders may learn how to benefit from their investments.

Using Billium’s Copy Trading feature, traders may access the trades, statistics, tactics, and records of any expert traders on the site without fear of being confused. Since all the data is accessible, novice users may spend more time looking over it and selecting which professional traders to emulate.

Customers can trade both spot and margin on the Billium cryptocurrency market. Its primary goal is to establish itself as the premier cryptocurrency copy trading site. Trades may be made confidently on the Dubai-registered platform since it complies with all regional crypto legislation.

Other platforms, such as a liquidity aggregator, will be included in the exchange. It avoids any danger of slippage for its customers by drawing its liquidity from the largest cryptocurrency exchanges.

Advanced APIs for trading robots are also available, in addition, to copy trading. It has some of the most sophisticated algorithms, a very liquid order book, and a dependable order execution process. A user-friendly interface, high-frequency trading and scalping tactics, and most importantly, a secure platform round out the benefits.

Moreover, Billium wants to issue its own coin, BILT, within the following year. Turkey and Russia are the primary markets for the service; it aims to get a license to operate in Europe and extend its customer base. The Billium mobile app will simultaneously be available on Google Play and Apple’s App Stores.

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