Drug Dealing and Troublemaking Disturb Passengers in Metro; Police Begin Intensive Surveillance Period | Finland Today | News in English | finlandtoday.fi

On Monday, the police begin a three-week period of intensive surveillance in the metro traffic and metro stations.

“The Helsinki Police Department has received feedback on the disturbances along the metro route and in the stations of public transport,” the police department noted in a statement.

According to the feedback, when considering public transport, it’s the metro traffic that people find more unsafe than before.

The police have also received reports of drug dealing around metro stations in Helsinki.

“The police will begin patrolling by foot in the stations and in the immediate vicinity of the stations. We will actively intervene in disturbances and the sales of drugs,” said Inspector Hanna Kiiskinen from the Helsinki Police Department.

The surveillance period, which takes place between August 29 and September 18, aims to improve safety in the metro traffic and at the stations along the route.

The police are working in cooperation with, among others, HSL, the Metropolitan Area Transport Ltd, the youth services of Helsinki and the ticket inspectors.

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