Do You Know What To Do With Dead Cats, Witchings, and Bear Hugs?

Predictive A.I. Forecasts mean you could just laugh about them…all the way to the bank!

There are some trading slang terms that really tickle the funny bone.  Aside from all the regular jargon, traders have some pretty humorous ways of talking about the markets.

  • We all know about Bears and Bulls and traders often describe themselves as Bearish and Bullish.  But have you noticed some traders are always upbeat (PermaBulls) and others are like Eeyore – always doom and gloom (PermaBears?)
  • Traders also talk about a Bear Hug when a company wants to take over another company and offers a significant premium so shareholders will vote for the merger.
  • There’s the grim-sounding Dead Cat Bounce.  Traders use this to describe the condition where a stock has dropped a lot after which there’s a short upside of some traders thinking they’re buying “the dip” or shorting the stock, but the stock just drops back down fast.
  • We just passed the Quadruple Witching Hour.  This happens on the third Friday in March, June, September, and December in the final hour of trading when stock index futures, single stock futures, stock index options, and stock options all expire on the same day.
  • You don’t want to get zapped by the Rubber Band Effect when there’s been a large sell-off in the markets. Thanks to computerized trading, charts now appear to have a V-shaped rebound right away that can trip some traders up.
  • If you’re trading cryptos, you may feel like you need to HODL through the volatility! The term was inadvertently coined by an inebriated bitcoin trader on a chat forum and has become a popular motto for buy-and-hold crypto traders. Traders have turned the mistake into an acronym for Hold On for Dear Life!

You can giggle at these slang terms but not have to worry about them in your trading!  In fact, you could “laugh all the way to the bank” with predictive artificial intelligence! 

While everyone else is debating whether the bubble has popped or the market has bottomed out, you can be setting up your trades with confidence because YOU CAN SEE what’s coming, up to three days in advance.  While everyone else is analyzing whether a company is a Sleeping Beauty, a Unicorn, or about to be rescued by a Killer Bee, you’ll know what is happening and when to take your trades in advance.

At our next LIVE training, you’ll learn more about how to protect your capital, find hidden opportunities in the markets, and trade with confidence using artificial intelligence.  If you want a laugh, check out the Wall Street gurus and their crazy terms for everything.  If you want to trade for profits, use machine learning and A.I.!

Don’t catch a falling knife, honor your stops, and always have some dry powder!

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Enjoy your new workbook!

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