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Walt Disney Co. is in early talks with the BBC about acquiring the streaming rights to the new “Doctor Who” run starring Rwanda-born Scottish actor Ncuti Gatwa.

Should the talks prove fruitful, the BBC would air the program with the show then potentially airing globally on the Disney+ streaming service.

Gatwa takes over the role of The Doctor in the new run which, for a series famous for reinventing itself every few years, is tipped to be undergoing its biggest overhaul since its 2005 revival.

Gatwa will take over the role from actress Jodie Whittaker whose final special episode airs this Fall and will see her thirteenth incarnation of The Doctor regenerate.

The actor already has a big fan in his “Barbie” co-star Ryan Gosling. Speaking on British radio this week (via The Independent), Gosling says: “Him playing Doctor Who is the most exciting thing that’s happening right now. I’m here for it.”

Gosling in the past says he cast actor Matt Smith in his directorial debut effort after first seeing Smith giving his big Stonehenge speech during “The Pandorica Opens” episode. In recent weeks Gosling made headlines by donning a fan-made t-shirt featuring Gatwa as the Time Lord.

The new run of “Doctor Who,” which commences next year, also sees Eccleston and Tennant-era showrunner Russell T. Davies returning to the helm.

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