Designing Shipping Confirmation Email: 15 Examples and Tips —

Why are shipping confirmation emails so important? People need to get an immediate result — when they spend money on something, there has to be an order confirmation, a tracking link, or, at least, an expected delivery date. The sooner you send this transactional email, the more positive experience a customer will get.

In this post, we will cover:

  • content of a shipment confirmation email;

  • tips for your order confirmation message;

  • examples of shipping confirmation emails.

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Content of a shipment confirmation email

There are a few tips you should consider while creating your confirmation email templates. Let’s have a closer look at them.

1. Subject line

Some brands tend to underestimate the impact of a subject line. It may sound unbelievable, but some companies send their emails without any subject line. It’s not right, and here’s why.

Your customers receive dozens of emails to their inboxes daily or even hourly. Basically, a first line that appears as a preview is your only chance to draw a customer’s attention. Apart from it, transactional emails without a subject line can be considered spam by email clients.

Luckily for you, subject lines for shipping confirmation emails don’t need to be extra creative: “Your order has shipped” or “Thank you for the order” would be more than enough to make sure a customer won’t miss an order summary.

2. List of ordered items

A lot of customers rely on shipping confirmation emails to check the items they purchased. At this point, it would be useful if you mention the price of the products and add their pictures to make them faster for a customer to perceive. Of course, if they apply, you should count the total amount with shipping, taxes, and discounts.

Transactional Emails

(Source: Stripo template)

Also, if any items are unavailable at the moment and your website shows them for some reason, take a chance to warn a customer about them here.

Product not in stock

(Source: Email from adidas)

You can suggest a replacement for the product or at least mention when the desired item will be in stock again. If there’s any inconvenience caused, you’d better offer a special discount or a promo code to encourage customers for future purchases.

3. A tracking link or a tracking number

As soon as customers purchase something, they expect to receive it immediately. And unless you, by any chance, have a teleport, the solution for you includes a tracking link in the email confirmation.

Shipment Email That Includes Tracking Link

This tool is also helpful for your customers to plan their schedules according to the order status. But make sure that tracking links provide updated information and that the delivery is done on time.

However, if you can’t put a tracking link into shipping confirmation emails, you should at least send a tracking number to let customers open tracking on the website of postal services.

4. Shipping address

Your customers may order things for their home, job, parents, or friends, and it’s difficult to always keep the details under control. Sometimes, people move somewhere and forget to change their delivery address that was previously saved.

That’s the reason why you should put the shipping address in the shipping confirmation email.

A customer should be able to check it quickly after opening their inbox.

5. Estimated delivery date

It goes without saying that a shipping confirmation email should contain an estimated delivery date. But the best thing you may provide your customers with is the estimated arrival time.

Shipment address in transactional emails

(Source: Stripo template)

If your online store has its own delivery, you can mention a time range when the order might be delivered. And get ready for the most appreciative feedback from excited customers!

6. Contact number or a support link

Phone number is a “must” for your shipping confirmation email. Although lots of people prefer text communication, a phone call is the fastest way to reach out. You are also interested in being in touch with your clients in case they urgently need to change a shipping method, a billing address, or other shipping details.

It would be great if your support resources were available 24/7 (especially in case you work with foreign customers with a time difference). Otherwise, you should at least let your clients know when the support team processes their requests.

Anyway, ensure your shipping confirmation email, besides other valuable messages like order status or shipping details, includes a support link and a phone number to get you shortly.

Tips for your order confirmation message

A piece of advice to make the email campaign smooth, effective, and effortless.

1. Use shipping confirmation email templates to speed up email production

Shipping confirmation email templates, like any other template, are made to make your life easier.

You don’t need to spend plenty of time checking the information and creating simple notifications, while you can make an email template that will be sent automatically right when customers purchase orders.

This article provides great examples of order confirmation email templates that you may use as inspiration for your post-purchase message.

2. Create a sequence of emails

The shipping process can be a long story. Therefore, you’d better arrange your confirmation emails into a marketing and selling sequence of emails.

Email 1. Order confirmation email

The first one should be an order confirmation email and contain an order date, shipping address, payment method, or other payment details. Attach a payment link if a customer didn’t pay for the order immediately.

Order confirmation email as a way to build customer loyalty

(Source: Email from Rozetka)

If you need to manually confirm orders, let customers know about it. You should mention the estimated time for your team to contact a client. And if an order was made during non-working hours, say you will come back with an update on the closest working day.

Email 2. Shipping confirmation email

A shipping confirmation email should be sent secondly. It’s a good chance to remind them of the estimated delivery date and postal service. If the marketing emails include tracking links, it would be the best way to express a customer’s care.

Transactional emails to confirm order shipment

(Source: Really Good Emails)

The final shipping email has to be sent right after the package arrives. Customers will consider this as another reminder, therefore, they are less likely to forget about the package. The main message may also contain a form to collect feedback on the shipping process.

Transactional emails to notify users the order has been shipped

(Source: Really Good Emails)

3. Ask for feedback

It’s crucial to collect feedback on the shipping process. You may send a follow-up email with the main message of filling out an opinion form that will help you to improve your service.

Invite customers to rate your services

(Source: Email from Rozetka)

To increase the percentage of a form fulfillment, you can offer a discount or something else that might be interesting for them.

15 Examples of shipping confirmation emails

We have collected a few great examples of effective and attention-grabbing templates for order confirmation emails. They are ready to use, you simply need to choose the perfect one and customize it for the brand.

1. Your order has shipped!

This shipping confirmation email is very minimalistic and readable. It is quite easy to navigate through.

The first two buttons lead to order details and tracking source. Then, there are a few words on the timeframes of sending packages and the link for shipping FAQs. They also attach a “hook” to visit their website (and maybe order something more?) with an attractive picture.

At the bottom of an email, they provide you with links to manage the order or contact the support team. And, of course, buttons for social media accounts, the app, and the shop are attached, too.

Order Confirmation Email Includes Tracking Link

(Source: Really Good Emails)

2. Your order is on the way, but first special offers

The first thing that catches the eye in this shipping confirmation message is the word “Sale.” Down the page, you can look through your order and see the pictures, quantity, and price with the link to check out now (which is basically a Call-To-Action (CTA) button).

Finally, a bright red field draws your attention and invites you to check other special offers. Will you be able to restrain yourself from visiting the website and doing the next purchase?

Example of Cross selling

Use this template

3. Nothing more than you need

Sometimes confirmation emails may contain too much, and a customer can easily miss important details. This email is nothing like that.

However, it’s clear that they care about the customers, and they are always ready to give a helping hand. This shipping confirmation template mentions a few ways to contact the company and find the solution to whatever problem appears. It’s really reassuring.

Giving a helping hand

(Source: Really Good Emails)

4. Bright colors and free returns

This email sample is designed in the brand style and immediately delivers great news: your order is on the way. You can easily track the delivery via the attached link.

They not only mention the delivery address to check it but also add a map for better understanding. And finally, they notify a client that they are allowed to return the order within 30 days free of charge.

Moreover, while you’re still excited after getting to know such news, they encourage you to visit the website by putting the links on separate pages to make your search faster and more effective.

Tracking Orders

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5. Calm, cool, collected

Indeed, this single-column design comforts you.

There are a few friendly words, all the details regarding your order, and the link for tracking. Nothing special, but still memorable and pleasant to read. Don’t hesitate to use visualization for your shipping notification.

Having Fun in Emails

(Source: Really Good Emails)

6. A good joke is never extra

You are only reading “Make space in your fridge,” and you can already feel the refreshing taste of the drink! Realistic pictures of the product and bright colors make you want it even more.

This shipping confirmation template contains only a list of items and a tracking link, but that’s more than enough — the customer is already dreaming about the next purchase!

A Joke in an email

(Source: Really Good Emails)

7. A late flight has caused a delay

An issue with a shipment may not be an issue if it’s communicated in a proper way. We are all people, and mistakes take place from time to time.

This sample explains the reason for the delay and provides contact information in case any questions appear. There is also a link for tracking to help a client manage their time and get ready for the delivery with minimum inconvenience.

Email to Notify about Issues with the Order

(Source: Really Good Emails)

8. Renew now, ship later

This is one of the marketing emails people try to avoid. Just kidding because it’s actually a very useful email.

People prefer subscriptions as they make their life easier. But sometimes you forget about it. And such emails are a good reminder for a customer to decide whether they want to renew it or not.

Your task here is to offer the most desired conditions for a client to help them make a decision that will be the most appropriate for you 🙂

Reminder Users about Future Purchase They need to make

(Source: Really Good Emails)

9. Straight to your door

Shipping confirmations can and should be positive to encourage some further action. This template shows quite an unusual way to advertise toilet paper. However, you are willing to take your phone and post something with the hashtag, right?

And here’s a reminder that they deliver right to your door. What can be better?

Confirmation email subject

(Source: Really Good Emails)

10. Use a referral program

Lots of pictures, all the essential details, social media is great. But there’s more: a huge banner that invites a customer to a referral program. It allows your company to get more clients who will already be loyal as they come from a recommendation. And your existing customers will get an attractive discount. It looks like a win-win situation!

Referral program

(Source: Really Good Emails)

11. Just a quick update

This shipping confirmation email lets a customer know that everything is going smoothly. And in the meantime, it suggests a few interesting sources to have a look at and get to know more about the product.

Also, there’s an unobtrusive link that leads to the website. But again, no force at all, you decide.

Details in Order Shipment Emails

(Source: Really Good Emails)

12. Your recent order was successfully delivered

Any customer would appreciate receiving such a shipping notification email. It’s just a friendly reminder to go and get the order or drop a line if something goes wrong. And, of course, an invitation to visit the store.

The Order Delivery Notification

(Source: Really Good Emails)

13. On the way

People don’t tend to read a lot, that’s the truth. And this template is just perfect for everyone. It contains two links: to view your order and to visit their online store. And may the customer choose what they need most.

Brand Voice

(Source: Really Good Emails)

14. Your order’s been delivered

Here’s a reminder that the order has been delivered with the invitation for you to open the package and enjoy it. And a few links that you might find useful.

Transactional Emails with Shipment Address

(Source: Really Good Emails)

15. Exclusive referral awards

Your order has been shipped, and you may think about what else you can find in a shipping confirmation email apart from order details.

In this template, you will find an invitation to a referral program that allows you to get a discount and some exclusive awards. It’s a chance for the company to do some cross-selling, but you won’t miss a chance to at least check the offer, will you?

Loyalty Program

(Source: Really Good Emails)

In conclusion

  1. A shipping confirmation email is key for your brand to increase customers’ loyalty and build relationships with your target audience. Order confirmations are among the most valuable messages for people and are opened more often than any other marketing email.
  2. Put all the essential information into your shipping confirmation email template to prevent your team from wasting time on the same activity. Make sure you integrate space for shipping address, payment details, tracking link, and a contact number and update these for different orders automatically.
  3. Shipping email can also be useful for your eCommerce store regarding cross-selling and making your product more well-known. Use the order confirmation to share discounts or special offers with your customers. Some of them may find such suggestions really helpful and appreciate you saving their time. And time is money 🙂

We hope you find our advice practical and have already chosen an order confirmation email template mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to be creative and add some jokes to make your transactional email more alive!

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