Democrats want to buy votes with a percentage of your earnings – just like Jesus, they insist

Robin Hood may be a better idol for the Leftists who are constantly taking from the “rich” and giving to their lower income voter base, but today they imply that their efforts make them just like Jesus.  Although potentially blasphemous to even put Democrats and the good Lord in the same sentence, the absurdity simply cannot be ignored.

Never mind that the Left can’t meme, this Lefty blue check has insinuated that Democrat welfare and entitlement policies are the equivalent of Biblical miracles.

The act of collecting taxes from the masses (ok, really they’ll just try to hurt anyone who may show signs of financial success) and redistributing those funds to citizens who find themselves in the situation of having purchased more than they can afford could only seem miraculous to those on the receiving end.

It’s not like Democrats are trying to win over the hearts and minds of Republicans.  All they really need to do is buy enough votes with their supposed generosity to keep themselves in the position of omnipotent power.

The analogy just doesn’t work in so many ways, ironically similar to the way Leftist policies fail to accomplish anything of substance.

Hard to say if the Left believes their own nonsense, but smart Conservatives are prepared to pounce all over unfounded and illogical assertions. A real miracle would be Democrats finding a way to privately fund their philanthropic ambitions, in which case no one would begrudge them all of the glory, especially if there was some measurably positive result in society.  Yeah, a loaves and fishes repeat performance may be more likely.

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