Deluded Morrison insists he was not a naughty boy, just a messiah

In a lengthy statement to the media, Scott Morrison offered a coda to his tainted legacy: one of delusion, evasion and self-importance.

Scott Morrison during today’s press conference (Image: ABC)

In a bizarre media conference this afternoon, Scott Morrison insisted he was right to take on multiple ministries and not tell his colleagues about doing so, and told Australians they should be proud of how the pandemic was handled.

In a long statement to the media, Morrison devoted most of it to claiming that his handling of the pandemic was world-best and enormously successful in saving lives and jobs — and that Australians regularly tell him how wonderfully he handled it. His decision to take multiple ministries in secret was, he said, justified by the extraordinary circumstances of the pandemic, in which he “took decisions he’d never dream of”.

“I’d rather have this discussion about what I did do than what I didn’t do,” Morrison said.

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