Despite the immense effort to condition western populations into believing that some great humanitarian/democratic/idealistic project was underway, the facade that this was the case was always so very thin.

Can anyone still be convinced, I mean even the most stalwart of breast-beating advocates of western foreign policy. It beggars belief that this might be so.

The western powers have shown their true intent so many times now in regard to their economic rivals and political opponents. They want them neutralised, compromised and eliminated and they are not too choosy regarding how.

The vast panoply of western power in action is hard to pretty up. Avoiding the obvious nature of aggressive western elite instincts over decades by successive western governments, blithely accepting that ‘those over there’ (their targets) are to blame, takes some doing and a dose of mental gymnastics.

The colour revolutions were many. The activities of the National Endowment for Democracy were there for all to see. George Soros and his people were quite open to view also. Naturally the CIA was ubiquitously in the background as was so-called U.S. diplomacy. All supported to the hilt by a compliant western mass media.

You need only name the nations targeted. Afghanistan. Iraq. Libya. Syria. Ukraine.

That last though… it’s different, right?

If you believe it’s different I have a 1955 Buick Roadmaster to sell you with just one female owner and a mere 100 miles on the clock.

Look anywhere in the world where trouble flares and you will undoubtedly find a U.S. embassy working overtime.

And so it was in 2014 when there was a violent insurrection to be stoked on Kiev’s Maidan Square. If you look hard enough you will find the speech given in Kiev’s Verkhovna rada as it was all kicking off, describing the courses being run in that embassy by a U.S. training squad on how to be a successful activist.

Ukraine was just another project and the second bite of the cherry there was the tastiest. The ‘Orange Revolution’ there in the winter of 2004-5 had been partially successful but the Euromaidan did the trick to the complete satisfaction of America’s local politicos. Search too for the leaked phone conversation between Victoria Nuland, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State and Geoff Pyatt, U.S. ambassador for Kiev at the time. Almost exactly ten years after the Orange Revolution in Ukraine the USA finally got its way.

And the rest is history as they say…

Except there’s more.

While the USA worked with the EU to wrest Ukraine from Russia’s sphere of influence it added yet another gambit to further soften Moscow up for what was intended to be the final blow. NATO was to be used as the final element to drive Russia into the kind of pressure cooker environment where colour revolutions become so much easier to stoke and provoke.

That the USA in particular but with the assistance of all those within its orbit applied every possible tool to ‘cooking’ Russia is obvious for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. Those who say they don’t see or hear the extremely obvious instigators in all this are either incredibly stupid or completely lost to reason through terminal levels of bias.

Naturally the cover stories to all this were the same old ones that had been interminably used for every other regime change foreign policy for… well, forever. Not many like to look back too far or read too much these days but let’s just say that those in Latin America know the script on this extremely well.

The U.S. political elites are fond of calling their nation exceptional. The UK too have their own variation on this same theme, more subtly conveyed in notions of total superiority. Thus advancing NATO to Russia’s doorstep can be conveyed as something as innocent as an unwanted kiss on the cheek, if even as ‘bad’ as that. A mere nothing that Russia is a little strange to be worried over.

And what if the West is working with the Russia-hating political elites of Ukraine to create a more powerful army with NATO heavily involved? ‘What Me Worry?’ is the advised Russian motto from western leaders who oversaw NATO decimate Serbia and Libya. Nothing to see here. Please move on.

Of course for some who like always to see through the western world’s spyglass nothing the West ever did was anything more than a valiant attempt to right wrongs, bring a glorious time of sweetness and light to the world and… well… end of story.

But really… how many truly believe this implicitly and conceive that the terminally competitive elites of all kinds across the so-called western world is an innocent abroad? I truly wonder. How can anyone believe this with any degree of total commitment? The brainwashed certainly. Those conditioned by interminable TV hypnosis no doubt. But reasoning humans? I doubt it.

Aren’t the true facts of the matter abundantly clear?



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