Coronavirus vaccine can be obtained 3 months after recovery: official – Egypt Independent

The coronavirus vaccine can be obtained after three months of recovery from the virus, the Ministry of Health and Population, said.

The Ministry of Health and Population added the vaccine reduces the chances of infection with the virus and helps reduce serious complications when infected.

Head of the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus at Egypt’s Ministry of Health and Population, Hossam Hosny, explained that the drugs included in the treatment protocol of the coronavirus and its variants are available in all hospitals and are dispensed free of charge.

The seventh version of the treatment protocol will be updated within hours and new drugs will be added, he continued.

A new mutant from the Omicron, that is called “B4-B5”, has led to an increase in the number of infections, he said, explaining that B4-B5 is a mutant of the coronavirus as well.

The new “B4-B5” is characterized by an increase in proliferation and reproduction, but on the other hand, it attacks the upper respiratory tract, and attacks the lungs only at a very slow rate.

Pharmacies in Egypt started receiving shipments of the first drug to treat the coronavirus, on Tuesday, local media reported.

The drug is manufactured by Eva Pharma, and treats moderate and critical cases infected with coronavirus.

The Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus at Egypt’s Ministry of Health agreed earlier to include the “Molnupiravir Eva Pharma” drug, under the treatment protocol of coronavirus at hospitals, before agreeing to put it in public pharmacies.

One capsule of the drug contains 200 mg of the active substance. The patient takes eight capsules of the drug daily, four capsules in the morning and four others in the evening, over five days.

The reports revealed that the price of the package is LE420.

The pandemic returns

Coronavirus cases are on the rise again, the Advisor to the President of the Republic for Health and Prevention Affairs, Mohamed Awad Tag Eddin, said on Thursday.

The symptoms of the current coronavirus mutant are simple and similar to colds, he added.

Most cases of infection with the virus and its variants range between mild and moderate at about 90 percent or 95 percent of the total infections, according to Tag Eddin.

Only five percent or eight percent of cases need hospitalization, he explained.

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