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Regional State Administrative Agencies are restricting events across the country in an attempt to curb the spread of the pandemic.

The agency responsible for southern Finland decided on Thursday to limit so-called “high risk” events that happen indoors in Uusimaa region.

These include events where there are stands, bleachers or terraces—some place where the audience can watch the event unfold.

Only 20 people are allowed in an event where people don’t have seats, but for example, fairs are not limited because there is not a designated place to observe. “We do not require that people sit in one place during the whole event, but unnecessary movement and crowding are to be avoided,” Oona Mölsä, senior inspector at the Regional Administrative Agency of Southern Finland, said in a statement.

The limitations in the Uusimaa region are coming into effect on November 25 and will last until December 24.

In Finland Proper (Varsinais-Suomi) it’s not about the bleachers or terraces, just events; public events of over 50 people indoors are banned until December 16.

Limitations on events in Pirkanmaa, Vaasa, Ostrobothnia and Satakunta are under consideration.

Event organizers can avoid all restrictions by requiring a coronavirus passport from the public.

The workers, players or performers are exempt from showing the certificate.

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